Diving in Cancun A Different World To See

Diving in Cancun is not just one of the hottest activities in the city, but it’s also one of the coolest and most mesmerizing experiences you could have. 

The ocean is one of the most awesome places you could spend your day in, breezy Caribban beaches with refreshing blue waters, your favorite drink and the sun, imagine that! We all love our getaways to the beach, but have you tried diving in Cancun?

Why you should try diving in Cancun

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scuba diving in cancun

Before we explain to you why this is a huge must on your vacations in Cancun, you’ve got to see it yourself – Unedited photos of the outstanding beauty our Caribbean waters have

See? Can you imagine being surrounded by a blue landscape where gravity doesn’t even count, an unknown world of hues and contrasts and life! After all it is the ocean and the Caribbean overflows with dazzling marine flora and fauna.

The Underwater Habitats

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Abstract coral reef formations are home to a very wide range of marine life, from tiny plankton communities that you cannot see to rays and on occasions dolphins! The colors are delightful and the marine life is very curious and kind, so be kind to them too, you can be lucky enough to find yourself swiming along side a 100 year old sea turtle.

There are over 5 different locations where you can take that diving in Cancun idea to practice, and each one will be a whole new experience every time, from a natural habitat in Punta Nizuc to a shipwreck diving adventure or perhaps you’ve heard of how incredible night diving in Cancun is and if you’re fearless and in pursuit of a whole new level of diving, you could try some cavern diving, trust us, it’s something that will change your life.
diving in cancun

Diving Certifications from A to Z

There’s many certifications you can get here in Cancun, usually, if you haven’t done much diving in your life, we recommend an Open Water Certification to get you used to the whole process of diving – There’s lot to see in the coral reefs and much more to find in the Cancun underwater museumso you’ll definitley want to learn as much as you can so you can explore as freely as you want!

If you’re a more experienced than just a beginner, we’ve got the Advanced Open Water Certification and if you’re simply a natural underwater, you can choose from our Emergency First Response CertificationRescue Diver Certification and we even have an Instructor Development Certification, it’s all about how much you love being a diver!

Diving with kids in Cancun

diving with kids

Diving is one of the best experiences one can acquire from their vacation in Cancun. That is why here at Aquaworld we even have diving for kids! Such a wonderful experience should not be limited that much, which is why we’ve got it all fixed for your to take a dive with your child in the safest and most fun way possible. Diving for kids in Cancun is something you can do right here!
Our staff is highly adaptable to work with everyone and we ensure a professional and focused attention to every detail needed to make this the best day of your life!

The one thing you can be sure of, is that no matter what you choose, you can be certain that the experience will be unique in everyway you can imagine it to be! Whether you take on a beginners 1 tank dive or a 2 tank immersion for experienced divers, it’s all about enjoying your vacations to the max, and what’s a better way to do so than living things that you’ll never forget?