Diving in Cancun at a special price

If you are planning a week of diving in Cancun, Aquaworld is the right place for you, since it is the only one where you can dive to the most famous locations in the world. There is a great variety of dives that you can enjoy, such as: wreck dives, diving in Cozumel, the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA), Cenote Dos Ojos (among others) and of course many reefs in Cancun. You can do all this with Aquaworld Cancun.

The best places to dive, all in the same week, at a great price.

If you are staying in Cancun or Riviera Maya, this package is your best option since it guarantees you to have the best diving experience since it includes the best reefs in the area in Mexico. Read on for this fabulous package!

Diving in Cancun for 3 days.

You can choose one of the following options:

Cancun Cavern Diving:

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to thousands of underwater caves and caverns. Which are formed with the filtration of rainwater through limestone. Aquaworld offerscave immersion: Chikin Ha, Dos Ojos and Tajma Ha. The services included are: ground transportation from Cancun, Tulum or surroundings. You can take 2 tanks of diving and go through the majestic underground tunnels that make up these wonderful caverns. Some of these caverns may have special characteristics such as: two channels or paths within the same cave. Each dive is unique and is definitely worth diving in Mexico as part of your planning.


Cozumel 2 tanks to dive:

This available option can be done as a day trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya. Transportation from your hotel in the Riviera Maya moreyour ferry ticket to Cozumel. Diving in Cozumel is one of the most famous in the world and with Aquaworld Cancun you can visit the most prestigious places, such as: The Santa Rosa wall, San Francisco wall, Palancar Gardens to name a few. Thediving in Cozumeldiving is usually done up to 80 feet deep, so we recommend having dives within the last two years. On the other hand, if you need to refresh your knowledge, you can take the option to start your diving in Mexico by doing aimmersion in the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA).

Then choose two options from the following dives:

Shipwreck and reef diving in Cancun.

Diving in a sunken ship:it is a mysterious and unforgettable experience. Diving in ocean currents to a depth of 80 feet is an option under consideration for advanced open water experts. Minesweeper C-58 is a shipwreck that has been sunk for more than 20 years and is covered in coral and sponges. The amount of marine fauna that can be found around the ruin is incredible. Since many fish use it as a refuge and part of their habitat. The ruined shipwreck was split in half after Hurricane Wilma, so in the back you can find an opening where you can admire the interior. The second half requires thespecialized Wreck certificationto be able to dive inside. Even so, it is still impressive to be able to admire its interior. The second dive is 55 feet deep. It is impressive! By diving with us you can visit places around Punta Cancun such as “Grampin” and “Punta Negra”. Diving in the Cancun reef should not be overlooked!

Cancun Reef Diving: 2 tanks.

Diving in the Cancun Reef is something not to be missed. If you are a certified diver you must make this trip. The reefs are located on the coasts of Cancun and Isla Mujeres (dives in calm waters) or you can also dive off the coast towards Punta Cancun (dives at a depth of 45-55 feet). These dives are great and a great option for a half day dive during your stay in Cancun. At 1:30 pm you will be back at your hotel, enjoying the pool sunbathing on a lounge chair ready to enjoy a margarita or some exotic cocktail after having made2 wonderful dives in which you observed the marine life and the different species of coral reefs.

Night dive in Cancun: 1 tank.

Get on the boat and go sailing! (so to speak).Dive at night in Cancuninsurance is one of the things you never imagined before you could do. Have you ever wanted to have photos or see the wonders of bioluminescence? This could be your lucky night and prove it’s real. Imagine that the only light coming is from your diving lamp, darkness everywhere. Surely you will get a scare when you manage to perceive a marine creature at night. A little scary but exciting at the same time!

Diving in underwater museum and reef: 2 tanks.

Last but not least, diving in the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA) combined with a dive in Manchones. This is a great option, but if you haven’t been diving into the depths for a while, you might want to run a quick refresher and schedule it. Why is MUSA important? The MUSA organization has played a very important role in the rejuvenation of the Cancun reef, because many of these have been damaged and deteriorated over time, hurricanes and tourist visits, however this toll has more than 450 statues life-size along the deep waters between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Ten years later, the coral has formed covering the faces in a strange, colorful and bumpy shape. Fish swim in and out of crevices, and even use it as a nest for their young.


Select three days of diving in Cancun and get it at an excellent price of $ 289 USD

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