Diving or Snorkeling in Cancun — Both Activities Guarantee Water Fun!

When you’re vacationing in the Mexican Caribbean, you’ll find yourself picking between diving or snorkeling in Cancun. After all, the turquoise sea, the coral reef and the sea life underneath will invite you to take a dip and have a closer look.

But whichever activity you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy tons of water fun!

How to pick between diving or snorkeling in Cancun

First of all, if both of these activities sound appealing to you, it’s because both are unbelievable ways to explore the depths of the Caribbean. We’ll share the facts about what makes each pastime so unique. Consequently, once you learn about both diving or snorkeling in Cancun, you’ll be able to pick whichever one best suits your need for underwater adventure.

What Goes into a Cancun Diving Excursion

Diving is one of the most popular activities in Cancun. And for good reason! The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System stretches just beyond Cancun’s shores, uncovering thousands of vivid life forms beneath the azure waves.

So how does diving work? A tube that feeds air from one or two tanks will keep you alive as you swim through underwater colors and sea life! This technology depends on a regulator that controls the pressure from the tanks, helping the diver breathe easily.

Diving takes place at depths of about 130 feet (40 meters). Hence, divers must ensure that they have every necessary piece of equipment to keep safe — finsgogglesvest and oxygen tanks.
Additionally, some adventures require one or two tanks — the amount depends on the difficulty of the dive and depth in which you’ll be diving.

Prepare for Your Cancun Diving Experience

Because each Cancun diving tour requires different levels of skill, you’ll need to have the appropriate diving certification. If this is the first time you’re diving, that’s okay! Come discover scuba diving and get started on your certification process. Furthermore, once you’re out at sea, listen carefully to your instructors as they guide you on your Cancun diving adventure.

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The Types of Diving Excursions You Can Try

Especially relevant, new and beginner divers will find plenty of ways to begin diving in Cancun. For something even simpler than diving, try the BOB (Breathing Observation Bubble) and simply let a scooter move you under the sea!

And if you’re more of an expert diver, try activities like bull shark divingnight divingshipwreck diving and eagle ray diving.

In addition, there are more extreme types of diving. Free diving, for example, consists of a great descent into the depths with no equipment but your lungs!

Also, autonomous diving is something you do by yourself with regular equipment, so you can reach depths further down the ocean. Yet it requires extra certification as you’ll go without a guide or a group.

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Snorkeling is a Simple, Yet Exciting, Exploration of Cancun’s Reefs

Rather than needing so many apparatuses and certifications, you can simply try snorkeling during your Cancun vacation! It’s an activity for anyone who knows how to swim.

This shallow type of swim is amazing and requires very little equipment and skill. You’ll just need a vest and a snorkel tube.

The main attraction of snorkeling is that you can observe the ocean’s depth from the surface as you breathe through your snorkel. To try this tour, you don’t really need much experience, for children the minimum age allowed is 5 years old.

How to Get the Most from Your Cancun Snorkeling Tour

One of the most important tips for snorkeling in Cancun is that your mask should fit perfectly on your face. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time seeing underwater and you could even misplace your breathing tube!

Would you like another pro tip? Make sure your hair is completely wet and out of the mask so water doesn’t filter into your eyes.

Most of all, just relax and have fun as you float and watch the coral reef below and around you.

Finally, for additional fun, you can get into a submarine and watch Cancun’s sea life without getting wet. But then, once you reach the barrier reef, take a dip into the Caribbean Sea and snorkel to the max!

—This post was originally published December 30, 2015.