How Do I Become Dive Certified in Cancun? Some Recommendations

To be dive certified in Cancun means to hold the passport to an underwater universe. So if you’re ready to explore the Mexican Caribbean’s turquoise immensity, here are some recommendations. Additionally, find out what types of diving certifications you can earn in Cancun to enjoy this unique experience.

Why Should I Go Diving?

First of all, the main draw of diving is the opportunity to explore new environments. Imagine discovering different seascapes full of colorful reefs and animals, which you can only see way below the waves. Scuba diving lets you swim next to fish, turtles and even sharks that lurk many feet below the surface.

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Furthermore, as you descend into Cancun’s depths, you can see colorful reefs and get close to more diverse sea life. And you can discover underwater rock formations by diving in caves and cenotes. Additionally, you can even visit a museum of contemporary art completely underwater.

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Most of all, diving is a fun and exciting sport! So it’s totally worth going through the certification process to experience it fully

How to Be Dive Certified in Cancun

Rather than merely swimming in Cancun’s waters, you can try discover scuba diving especially if you’re a beginner. While preparation for certification is necessary, diving is not a complex discipline and almost anyone can do it.
First of all, to get any diving certification, beginners must complete a basic level of training. This enables them to descend to a certain depth depending on sunlight and climatic conditions. In addition, you must also consider the geographical features of the area during your certification.
Choose your dive agency PADI Certification is the most well known as well as Scuba Diving International.
Because diving requires theoretical and practical training, certification involves one of each of the following:

  • Academic session,
  • Confined water session,
  • Open water dive.

What are the different types of certifications?

Consequently, there are different types of certifications:

  • Diver specialist in open water,
  • Rescue diver,
  • First aid diver,
  • Dive master.

Yet, it’s necessary to make an exception regarding professional and commercial divers. Since these practices don’t require decompression, just diving with time and depth limits, they’re categorized separately.

Especially relevant, the requirements for diving depend on where you’re doing it. In the Mexican Caribbean, for the basic level, you need to be physically healthy and have a minimum level of athletic skills. Another requirement from most diving agencies is that divers be at least 10 years old.
While divers aim to advance in their discipline, they needs to acquire new abilities. As a result of taking specialty diving courses, you can experience so much more than a beginner can!

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Some Recommendations Before Diving

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and medication before diving,
  • Drink plenty of water,
  • Eat a light breakfast,
  • Rest well before the dive,
  • Always dive with a partner,
  • Prepare for emergencies (such as knowing where the closest medical care centers are located).

Additionally, you shouldn’t fly within 24 hours of immersion. And experts also don’t recommend to dive if you have asthma, hypertension, epilepsy or respiratory problems. Moreover, pregnant women should avoid this activity.

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What Types of Diving You’ll Find in Cancun

While vacationing in Cancun, you’ll see the area offers a variety of options if you’re dive certified. Hence, you may dive into coral reefs, one of the oldest life formations on the planet. These corals are visited by a variety of fish of different colors, sizes and species that are worthy of admiration.
Moreover, in this part of the Mexican Caribbean, you can experience cave and cenote diving. Because there’s a vast network of underwater tunnels made of limestone, you’ll have a completely different diving experience there.

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Additionally, you can dive with bull sharkssting rays, and even around a sunken battleship.
Finally, Cancun gives visitors a chance to dive at night. Because certain sea life only comes out in the dark, you’ll encounter something few divers do during sunlight.

Dive Certified

In conclusion, no matter what diving excursion you choose, your time under water is bound to be the most special during your vacation. So become dive certified to live it!

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—This post was originally published January 26, 2015.