Diving to Cozumel’s Reefs and Walls? The Dive Shop Has You Covered

Oh, the places you’ll explore when you go diving in Cozumel. 
So you’ve decided to go diving in Cozumel and its crystal clear waters?
Excellent choice! The largest inhabited island in Mexico provides a great setting for amazing underwater adventures.

Diving in Cozumel means you can see coral reefssea life, and gorgeous tunnels and formations inside Caribbean limestone walls.

But, once you’re there, where can you start out your Cozumel diving adventure?
The Dive Shop, the diving equipment outfitter for AquaWorld Cozumel, has everything you need to explore the waters of the Island of Swallows.


 The Dive Shop is located on Km 3.2 of Carretera Sur (South Highway) in Cozumel, on the island’s western side.

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The Best Diving Equipment in Cozumel

Luis Javier Sandoval, director of diving for AquaWorld, said The Dive Shop carries the best diving equipment in the area.

urthermore, it offers the most comfortable transportation and provides a quality experience for diving enthusiasts.

‘Without a doubt, we have the best boats in Cozumel. They are 40- to 45-foot boats, they can fit up to 30 divers comfortably,’Sandoval said.

He emphasized that the pieces of equipment available at The Dive Shop, such as diving vests and regulators, are completely new.

In addition, the boats help divers arrive more pleasantly to the walls and reefs, such as Santa Rosa and Palancar, located at the southern tip about 1 hour from The Dive Shop.
dive-shop-diving-in-cozumel-buceo The diving equipment from The Dive Shop is of the highest caliber.
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Diving in Cozumel: A Beautiful Experience

Once inside Cozumel’s waters, divers will be able to see relatively healthy reefs thanks to the sea current and a good distance from the coasts, Sandoval said.
‘What impresses most people is the visibility, the clarity of the water is impressive. Another thing is that the reefs are very colorful,’ said Sandoval. ‘Cozumel is the place with the most species and highest quantity of sponges, and they’re very colorful — red, orange, yellow.’
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Divers will also enjoy Cozumel’s unparalleled sea life. For example, Cozumel is the only home for the splendid toad fish (Sanopus splendidus).
In addition, Cozumel hosts rare miniature creatures such as seahorses, gudgeons, combtooth blennies, and pipe fish.
The island also has nurse sharks, hawksbill turtles and angel fish — these last two species feed on the Cozumel sponges.
‘Angel fish are among the most colorful and beautiful fish family around,’ Sandoval stressed.

You could witness the rare splendid toad fish if you go diving in Cozumel, as it’s its only home.
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Going With the Flow

Scuba diving in Cozumel is a most comfortable experience — it allows divers to flow along with the current as they watch the underwater wonders around them.
‘These are dives in currents — you throw yourself somewhere and the current takes you along the wall,’ Sandoval said.
On the other hand, AquaWorld also offers the option of starting a dive from the beach, where the diver puts on the equipment and hires a guide to enter the water from there.

Let yourself go with the current to explore Cozumel’s reefs. Photo by Luis Javier Sandoval.
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Come Dive With Us!

Finally, remember that The Dive Shop and AquaWorld are your best bet to see Cozumel’s wondrous underwater realm.

That’s why we look forward to seeing you on this lovely island — providing you the best diving experience with us.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!