Diving in Mexico, a unique experience

The Diving in Mexico offers the opportunity, both for national and foreign tourists, to admire the wonders that the Caribbean Sea offers. Do you want to enjoy this unique experience? Let’s see what Aquaworld can offer you.

Diving in Mexico, an activity to enjoy in a group

Diving is an activity to be carried out in a group way and allows a sensitive experience different from the everyday. This underwater activity allows close contact with unique landscapes, due to the effect of light and water.

It also provides the feeling of freedom, added to the pleasure and relaxation that smooth and rhythmic movements allow when suspended in the water, these are some of the benefits that diving in Mexico gives you.

As a group sport, learning through experience is elementary. Given this, an initiation under the supervision of other people is essential, and then venturing into their own experiences and new spaces. The diving It allows access to well-known and popular spaces within the aquatic world, along with other more private and personal discovery areas.

When you have the possibility of diving in Mexico you have several highly recommended places to practice it as they can be Cancun, the Sea of ​​Cortez and Cozumel, among others. The various sites offer everything from reefs to cenotes crystal clear waters to enjoy the activity.

The time of year for scuba diving is extremely important, as warm waters and no ocean currents are recommended.

Idyllic places to dive in Mexico

The Mexican seas offer places recognized worldwide, for their glamor and the possibility of diving in Mexico, whether you are a professional or beginner. Always bearing in mind that we are talking about a fascinating sport, which does not admit mistakes, before which it is extremely necessary to take courses prior to entering the world underwater.

Carmen beach It has many places to dive, standing out Cozumel, where it is reached by ferry, and is possessor of imposing landscapes. Also the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula are other places where you can enjoy the experience of diving and contact with the underwater world.

Diving Tours at Aquaworld

With certified instructors at Aquaworld, you can take the tour Discover Scuba in the geographic zone of Cancun. An opportunity to explore the Mexican Caribbean and observe the unique depths that this strip of sea offers.

In the first part of Discover Scuba, you will enter a pool to learn how to use scuba equipment, as well as the rules for diving underwater.

Then, the second part includes a dive in the open sea, which can be done in the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) or in a beautiful reef. This is the opportunity to discover the beauty of the flora and fauna of the Caribbean Sea so do not miss the possibility of diving in Mexico.