Diving in Shipwrecks in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Diving in shipwrecks in Puerto Morelos will make you feel like a historian doing an important exploration under the sea, looking for lost pieces of history.

Dive 90 feet under the clear waters and near the white sandy coast of Puerto Morelos into the hauntingly amazing shipwreck C-56 Mind Sweeper.

Used previously by the USA and purchased by Mexico in 1996, the ship was eventually and deliberately sunk to create an artificial reef. The ship is now known as Juan Escutia and hosts a variety of sea life just as curious about you as you are about them!

Mexico’s artificial reefs have created a broader habitat for coral and sea creatures to thrive, making these sites more enchanting and worth seeing.

Exploring these haunting attractions will leave you feeling strangely peaceful and curious to know more about the background of these massive structures and nature’s essential relationship to humankind.

With two options available through Aquaworld, prepare a journey through the lost ships, a welcome resting place for the underwater world below.

Puerto Morelos, Waiting to be Explored

Diving in shipwrecks in Puerto Morelos, Mexico is a thrill-seekers adventure. The dive is structured for more advanced divers with a minimum age of 15 years old. The diving is supervised and includes all the required equipment.

The drift dive departs from the Excellence Riviera Hotel Beach and carries you to the depths of the water to admire and explore the 150 foot naval ship as it sits quietly, and evocatively beautiful on the ocean floor.

Puerto Morelos is a sea port town on the Yucatan Peninsula and is divided into three by mangrove swamps. Located off the coast of the beautiful town is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, a national marine park.

Here the shipwreck lies, part of a project to maintain the habitats of natural coral and other vulnerable sea creatures in the Caribbean Sea.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System is known as one of the most beautiful in the world. See how Mexico keeps its underwater species protected using a mix of artificial and natural reef projects.

Diving in Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs

The coral and sea creatures living within the wreck make this evocative journey a peaceful adventure as the quiet of the blue waters and solitude of the ship and its inhabitants bring your senses into a relaxed sense of calm.

The idea of using human objects to incorporate them into a natural ecosystem to create new life is strangely beautiful and rewarding.

Aquaworld also offers another 40 minutes tour off the coast of Cancun, the 85 foot diving to the C-58 Mine Sweeper formerly used during WWII.

This ship was broken in half during a hurricane in 2005 and thus makes penetration into the core easy. Whether you choose diving in shipwrecks in Puerto Morelos, Mexico or the option to dive a shipwreck in Cancun, experience the beauty and excitement of exploring in the waters below, massive human made structures that have been incorporated to nature and soon taken over by it to create a dynamic habitat for sea creatures of all kinds.