Diving in the reefs of the Mexican Caribbean

The reef diving of the Mexican Caribbean is a practice that can be done for recreation or for sport, this beautiful aquatic activity invites us to marvel at the marine flora and fauna of the Mexican Caribbean.

The waters off the coast of Cancun and its surroundings are known for their diversity and beauty in the coral formations and their reefs, on this coast the second longest barrier reef in the world is developed, which extends from Quintana Roo to Central America.

The warm and crystal clear waters

The warm and crystalline waters of the southern Mexican coasts are preferred by lovers of the diving on the reefs and the snorkel In addition, due to these characteristics, the enjoyment of this activity is much easier.The color of the waters of the Mexican Caribbean, we owe it to the constant changes in the depths of the Caribbean Sea, the nearby Coral barrier creates different sandy areas of uneven depths, giving us turquoise blue colors.
The transparency of the water, which occurs when the sea has little movement and few living organisms, gives us a beautiful turquoise blue that is much more intense when seen from a distance, but up close the sea is totally crystalline, perfect for water activities .

Aquatic flora and fauna

These coasts are 2 or up to 30 meters deep, where you can admire thousands of fish of all colors, green and spotted moray eels, anemones, rays, shrimp, crabs and octopuses, in addition to this there is a vast parade of corals: soft and stony In addition to being protected by coral reefs, the Mexican Caribbean is considered one of the most important reefs in the world, one of the richest in marine fauna and a place full of color due to the fauna that resides in this place and it protects itself on these reefs.

Reef diving for beginners

If you practice diving for the first time, you must do it with the help of a professional who guides you so that you can enjoy this experience to the fullest. At aquaworld you can find the best professionals to make your first dive, departing from Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Without a doubt, the marine life that awaits you will amaze you.

Reef diving, with Discover Scuba
If you already have one certification you can dive in the entire length and breadth of the Rivera Maya. Aquaworld offers the best diving packages, where you can find night dive, diving in Cozumel, diving in the reefs or in some caverns of the Riviera Maya, and you can also show us why you have a diving certification at the bottom of shipwrecks and reefs.

World Heritage

The marine environment is protected by the authorities since it is considered World Heritage. To protect it, they recommend that we avoid fishing in areas where corollary reefs are known to be present, harvesting and activities that significantly destroy ecosystems. Take care of the reefs!

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