Diving with Eagle Rays

Vacation time is not only a treasured part of the year but a much-deserved break from the crazy schedule of work and home. It is a chance to kick off your shoes and go barefoot, run your toes through the sand and move only to get ready for one of the most exciting underwater adventures in the Caribbean.

Eagle Rays are most commonly found in shallow coastal waters on reefs or in bays down to depths of 80m. Divers can frequently get glimpses of schools of eagle rays on reefs and wall dives swimming past in the blue or over the reef. The rays swim very fast, although they look so relaxed and elegant, so it is pointless in trying to keep up and best to relax and watch as they gracefully swim past. Eagle rays rarely interact with people or divers so will most likely ignore your presence and continue on their path to wherever they are heading.

In shallow locations which are home to eagle rays, snorkelers also have the chance to spot these beautiful creatures.


Compared with other rays they have a very long tail and mature rays can reach up to 5m in length and 3m wingspan. The females are ovoviviparous which means they retain the eggs and release baby rays which are perfect miniature versions of themselves.

Diving with these majestic animals and watching them fly along the edge of the wall swimming effortlessly into the current will leave you astonished.  And you can keep an eye out to catch a sight of other sea creatures.

Eagle Ray provides a gorgeous view reminding you that you are swimming up in paradise. Do not miss this great opportunity to whiteness a natural marvel. Book your Diving Tours with Aquaworld.