Do the best activities in a cenote in Cancun

Know what you can do in a cenote in Cancun since these are one of the most amazing attractions in the Yucatan peninsula.

Thousands of people from all over the world visit the Yucatan peninsula because here are the largest group of cenotes in the world and of course they are more than beautiful.If you are thinking of visiting Cancun you should know that it has other attractions besides its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water or its fun nightclubs.

One of the best activities What you can do is swim in a cenote in Cancun.

Also, if you prefer, you can dive, snorkel or simply enjoy the wonderful view that these incredible settlements of nature offer.

Finding a cenote in Cancun is not difficult, although to get to the vast majority of them you will have to travel a few kilometers from the city and even reach the neighboring cities such as Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

A cenote is born when the limestone dome of a passage of the underground rivers breaks naturally creating a well that is filled with rain and the crossing of the water of the underground rivers.

So there are different types of cenotes and all of them are unique and unrepeatable: open cenotes, semi-open cenotes, cavern ones and old ones. To be able to go to the correct cenote in Cancun you must first know what activity you want to do.

To swim

If you want to swim in the sweet waters of a cenote in Cancun then you must go to an ancient cenote.

These are completely open, that is to say that their walls are very low and the sun reaches the entire surface or at least most of it.

The water in these cenotes turns out to be at room temperature since the sun balances the temperature and that is why it is very comfortable to swim in them.

If you decide to dive we recommend that you stay away from rocky surfaces, do not force your lungs holding the air for longer than you are used to.

We recommend you visit the Cenote of the Garden of Eden, when you arrive you will know the reason for its name.


Snorkeling is quite fun and recreational when you do it in a cenote in Cancun, since its calm waters allow you to better contemplate the aquatic beauty.

The ideal cenotes for this activity are the open and semi-open ones, which are illuminated by the sun and make it easier to observe the interior of the cenote.

In some semi-open cenotes we can find stalactites and stalagmites making you not only contemplate inside the water but also outside it.The ideal cenote for snorkeling is the Azul or the Cristalino cenote.


Well, if you are interested in this, it is because you have already read or been told that it is a surprising and unique activity.

This practice is for experienced divers looking for new adventures, since cavern diving offers a completely different experience than diving in the open sea or reefs.It is important that when you prepare your visit to a cenote in Cancun to practice diving, you have contact with Some expert so that this is the one who guides you through the underground rivers. For your safety, always pay attention to what is happening around you and stay out of the signs.
The Cenote Dos Ojos It is a favorite for all lovers of cave diving, some of the cenote points reach 120 meters deep and it has not yet been explored.

Outdoor food

Sunny days are ideal to go into the jungle and enjoy a good family meal next to a cenote.

Watching children run or swim, have a quiet moment, and enjoy natural wonders is an enjoyable experience.

Any old or open cenote is ideal for this. Cenotes are a heritage that nature offers us and it is our duty to preserve, care for and enjoy them with great caution, so always be responsible and clean when visiting any of them.