Do you know the route of the cenotes in Cancun and Puerto Morelos?

The cenote route is located very close to Cancun and Puerto Morelos, so there is no excuse not to visit the route. We know for sure that you will love it.

Many are the natural wonders that surround the cenote route; Underground rivers that feed the cenotes are full of vegetation and surprising fauna that live along the route.
Cenote seven bocas, Cenote bica del puma, Cenote de las mojarras, Cenote verde lucero they are just some of the emblematic underground rivers found within the cenote route.

The cenotes route, easy to visit

Cenote Las Mojarras

Your visit can begin in the Cenote las mojarras, it is located 12.2 kilometers from the Cancun-Tulum highway and is nothing more and nothing less than a cenote that is 65 meters in diameter and 14 meters deep, has a double shootout and a tower to jump into the water. It has services such as hammocks, bathrooms, picnic area and is perfect for camping.

Cenote Mouth of the Puma

This cenote is located within a natural reserve that is practically magical, this reserve is located in the middle of the Riviera Maya; here you can experience a real adventure full of Mayan culture. The activities that you can find here are: snorkeling, zip-lining, rappelling, cycling and it also has a staircase.

Cenote Siete Bocas

This cenote is one of those that has rock-filled formations, known as stalactites and stalagmites. This place is known because you had natural gum fields in the jungle. Legend has it that the workers extracted gum from the zapoteros and exported it to Europe and North America.

Chilim Balam Cenote

This place is perfect for an exciting walk in a natural environment, of course it is possible to immerse yourself in the beautiful cenote, dive and get to know the marine life found in this site that is part of the route of the cenotesIt is possible to enjoy the jungle at the same time that you immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of the cenotes.

Cenote Verde Lucero

This place full of adventure, is located approximately 18.5 kilometers towards Puerto Morelos, to access it you need to leave your car and walk a bit to descend the stone steps and reach a lower level. The maximum depth is 20 meters and the average is 10.6 meters, so you can swim as long as you want always keeping safe.

The Ferris Wheel

This cenote belongs to a group called ‘Tres reyes’, they are located on the ladino side of the ranch ‘La Bendición de Dios’. It is one of the largest cenotes on the cenote route as it is 18 meters deep and 47 meters wide. It is also known for mountain biking and hundreds of local cyclists come to enjoy the scenery.

Kin Ha

This unique cenote belongs to a system of underground rivers, the water in this cenote is freshwater and they are the most refreshing as well as being considered sacred. The Mayans believed that cenotes are the door to the underworld. It’s a very nice door, don’t you think?