Enjoy an exciting Christmas in Cancun

The famous city of Cancun is known to the world thanks to its water activities and its night life.

If you have already scheduled to celebrate the Christmas holidays in Cancun, you should know that in the month of December the climate of Cancun is ideal to fully enjoy your sweet stay. During the day you will enjoy a beautiful climate a little cooler than usual, but Totally delicious, the minimum is 18ºC and reaches up to 30ºC, the days in Cancun are sunny but windy which makes it possible to feel cooler so you can enjoy outdoor activities.

Activities to do in Cancun

Snorkel on the island of Cozumel

This paradisiacal territory is very close to Cancun and it is possible to get to this beautiful island by means of a ferry that takes you to dive and snorkel in its famous coral reefs, Aquaworld has a tour that runs the entire length of the coast of Cozumel at different depths, in addition to knowing the center of the Island and enjoying life on this divine island.

One of the wonders of the world two hours from Cancun

Chichen-Itza It is one of the seven wonders of the world and is only 2 hours from Cancun, traveling to Chichen-Itza can be a pleasant walk since you will get to know the pre-Hispanic city, its architectural style presents an interesting fusion between traditional Mayan design, with elements from other cultures of central Mexico.

Diving or snorkeling in the MUSE

For those who love to swim like minnows you can dive in the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA), you can get to this museum from Cancun or Women Island, and enjoy the exhibitions of different artists, as well as the beautiful artificial reefs, and the species that inhabit these waters.

Isla Mujeres a little piece of heaven

This beautiful island is one of the possible places that you can visit now that you are in Cancun, you can take the ferry and visit this beautiful island and you can also visit it in a couple of hours and do the water activities that you will surely love, such as visiting the turtle farm, and the most crystalline beach in that beautiful place.

North Beach It is perfect for you to enjoy the sunset and the beautiful tonalities of the sea thanks to the sunset, on the other side of the island you will find Playa Tiburon is the entrance of different groups that dive or snorkel and taste the famous fish tikin-xikIn addition to knowing a very particular marine species: The cat shark, which is a nocturnal but extremely docile animal, surely you can take a photo with this incredible animal in the company of your family and with the help of the caretaker.

Enjoy the new year at the amazing Cancun Queen

You can end the year in the different restaurants in the area or rent the Cancun Queen, this boat is perfect to enjoy the last hours of the year on the Nichupté lagoon, this cruise has a delicious dinner at sunset visualizing the city of Cancun, without a doubt a one of the best options to end the year with friends and family.

You can book the Cancun Queen at Aquaworld to have the perfect atmosphere in the last minutes of 2015.