Enjoy the best fishing for children in Cancun

The fishing for kids in Cancun It is the ideal activity to strengthen family ties and also show the little ones how beautiful this sport is.

There are so many activities in Cancun To do with children but without a doubt fishing is ideal to spend free time with them and bring them closer to nature.

Enjoy the best fishing for children in Cancun

To children who have never gone fishing you should explain in theory what it consists of, be as subtle as possible, there are many children’s stories that deal with fishing, you can introduce them to the subject before preparing the equipment.Every good fisherman wants to have a apprentice to whom he can transmit his skills and why not a little of his philosophy, what better apprentice than your son, that’s why take him fishing.

Fishing for children in Cancun should be recreational and fun, so teach them to do everything on their own, and when they need help do not hesitate to do it.

Take into account different factors, you must prepare as best as possible so that all the companions enjoy the day of fishing.

Choose the best waters

The best place For fishing with children is the Nichupte Lagoon, since in the open sea it can be very heavy, in addition to that there the size of the fish can be very large for children. We recommend that you always go with a guide to point out the best places To fish because in the lagoon there are a large number of crocodiles. The places are not far from the shore and it is very easy to get there, the boat ride should not last more than 15 minutes. Although if you prefer you can go to a dock or bridge where fishing is allowed, but if you are looking for a place further from civilization you can go to White Island, where you will surely not regret the travel time.

Prepare the equipment to fish with children in Cancun

Make sure you have the correct equipment, one that is easy to use, light and a good size for the little one. Kids fishing rods are very inexpensive but are actually complex to use, it is best to use a beginner rod at the same time. Take some corks, you will love to see how they sink when you bite a fish.
Use the correct hooksThis depends on the fish you want to catch, so that choice is yours, but always listen to the guide’s suggestions, you will not want to get off the boat with your hands and an empty stomach.


Always keep in mind that children are usually very impatient and can get frustrated or angry if they take too long to cast. Try to schedule a correct hour of duration, you do not want your child to get bored and not want to fish with you again. That fishing for children in Cancun is a bit difficult because children are very active and dynamic, if in a long time nothing bites, they can get desperate and annoyed.Make the waiting time fun, so have a repertoire prepared of riddles or funny stories to keep them entertained while snacking on something.

Teaches responsibilities

Get them to collaborate by assigning them tasks, this teaches them responsibilities.Fishing for children in Cancun should be responsible and moderate.

Remember to teach them never to pollute the water and respect at all times the fauna they may encounter on their fishing adventure. If a protected species has bitten your hook, return it to the water and teach the children the importance of doing that.

Fishing for children in Cancun is the ideal place to spend a pleasant moment and thus enjoy a good chat, as well as having the opportunity for your children to be proud of fishing for some barracuda snappers or jacks, fish of a good size for them. If your little one already has more experience then you can take him to the open sea, but with all the caution in the world and the right equipment.