Enjoy the exotic islands of the Mexican Caribbean

If you are on vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, you have to enjoy some beautiful and exotic islands that can be visited in just one day.

The best? It is that these islands of the Mexican Caribbean are ideal for practicing various activities such as snorkel, diving, swim with whale sharks and many other activities

Magic in the Mexican Caribbean!

Take a day of your vacation to visit some of the most beautiful places that Cancun and the surrounding areas have to offer. Each one has its own history, beauty and characteristics and now we will tell you about them.

Women Island

This is probably the best-known island and the closest to visit when you go on vacation to the Caribbean, since it is only a half-hour boat trip from the City of Cancun.

Most people have heard of Isla Mujeres, but do you know why it was given that name? According to the Mayan worldview, the island was a sacred place dedicated to the Mayan goddess of fertility, medicine and happiness: IxChel. When the island was discovered, many relics were found in the form of women that the ancient inhabitants of the area had brought as an offering to their goddess; hence the name of Isla Mujeres.

Even with the fall of the Mayan culture, this island did not lose its status as a sanctuary for women since it later became a refuge where the pirates who roamed the Caribbean seas left their women to be safe and protected.

To this day Women Island maintains this calm and peaceful energy, making it a beautiful place to visit during your Cancun vacation. According to Condé Nast magazine, it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world:North Beach.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs, as well as the ‘bay cross’, which is a tribute to the men and women of the sea. Aquaworld offersdiving in Isla Mujeres, as part of the day trip from Cancun.

The Manchones dive site is also right off the coast, along with the Cancun Underwater Museum. Much of the diving in Cancun occurs in these incredible places.

Holbox Island

This beautiful unspoiled island is located north of Cancun. The island is best known for its annual visitors, the whale sharks.

Holbox Island still maintains its unspoiled beauty, with practically no vehicles allowed and it is also only 42 kilometers long.

This Caribbean Island can only be reached by ferry or helicopter as it is separated from the mainland by a lagoon. Some of the seasonal attractions in this magical place are flamingos, pelicans and of course whale sharks. Aquaworld offers you to swim with them, a half day attraction, near the island, where you can share with these incredible and gentle sharks.

The island of Cozumel

The island of Cozumel is a great attraction for divers and cruise ships. As for diving in Cozumel, it offers wall diving, which gives you the incredible feeling of floating on top of a brightly colored wall of coral reefs; that will probably take your breath away.

The Paradise Reef stretches the entire length of the island, while the San Francisco and Santa Rosa wall will provide an unrivaled immersion. Cozumel measures 48 kilometers and is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean; it is totally flat, beautiful and with a lot of endemic vegetation of the region to appreciate.

The coral reef in Cozumel is protected due to the island’s location, so it remains unspoiled and healthy.

An interesting fact is that of all the islands of the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel is the first to receive the sun’s rays

Without a doubt you have to know these islands of the Caribbean Mexico and enjoy its beaches, you can visit each one in one day, but if you really want to get the most out of it, we advise you to spend a whole weekend.