Enjoy the sacred swimming in a cenote

There is a great variety of these, but you choose a cenote that you propose to visit and you will love it so much that you will want to know them all.

The Mayan Riviera is known for its different attractions, it has everything for the visitor to leave enchanted and for the resident to feel proud.

Enjoy the sacred swimming in a cenote

A cenote is a freshwater well created naturally thousands of years ago, believed to have been since the last ice age.

Ancient Mayan residents drew water from there for their daily use, in addition to believing that each cenote was an entrance to the underworld.

Their fascination for this was so great that they made ceremonies with offerings and sacrifices in the cenotes that they considered sacred, in the expeditions that have been carried out, bones of humans and animals that are not from the region were discovered, something very strange.

There are few places in the world where there are these types of crystalline pools of water, and the Yucatan peninsula has the largest extension of all.

Each cenote can be classified by its type: open, semi-open, ancient and cavern. The age of a cenote is related to its type, so the oldest cenotes are those that are open to the sky.

Immerse yourself in the aquatic world of the crystalline waters of a cenote, so that you can be filled with the charm of the Rivera Maya.

Seven mouths

As its name says, this cenote has seven vents so you can swim between them.This cenote is located within the cenote route of the Mayan Riviera and is one of the favorites if you don’t like being surrounded by so many people.

It is quite a rustic place so be very well prepared with all the things you need.

Chac Mool

This is one of the cenotes that you must visit if you are interested in cavern diving you will feel a very special adrenaline rush.

It is not very deep but it has very nice ones stalactitesAlthough you cannot explore in certain places for safety reasons.

If you are not a certified or experienced diver in the area, we recommend that you go accompanied by one who does, because you can get lost in the underwater immensity.

Eden’s garden

This place lives up to its name because it is an ideal place to go with family or friends to spend a moment of tranquility and fun.

The place is very close to Playa del Carmen, it has enough space for swimming and snorkeling, you will not regret going to this open cenote.

This is a pair of pools of various sizes that are joined by a cavern with a double entrance.The vegetation around it is abundant and the sunlight hits the water completely, generating a variety of blue and green tones that are a whole landscape for the view.

Besides that, it has a small 3 meter high cliff where you can have fun practicing your jumps.

If you want to snorkel then you must take enough time to contemplate the large number of fish that there are and the rock formation that is under the water.