Excursion to Isla Mujeres, an activity full of adventure

Take an excursion to Women Island It is an activity to which you must assign at least one day of your stay in the Mexican Caribbean, you will be fascinated by this small but beautiful island.

There are places that you cannot miss if you visit the Caribbean beaches and one, Isla Mujeres; a place full of charm, adventures and activities to enjoy a day that will surely be unforgettable.

Excursion to Isla Mujeres, an activity full of adventure

In the beach club, apart from taking advantage of the hammocks and lounge chairs, you also enjoy the benefit of the restaurant with an open bar.

On your excursion to Isla Mujeres, you can decide between enjoying a margarita while sunbathing, relaxing at the beach club or getting to know the island.

If your plans go beyond spending it lying on a bunk sunbathing and drinking how many margaritas your body can hold, then you have to go out in search of adventure.

How to get around the island?

There are different ways to transport yourself on your excursion to Isla Mujeres, all of them are in small vehicles, because choosing between golf carts, motorcycles or bicycles, we know that it will not be difficult for you to find a place to rent them, unless you decide to walk. and look at both sides when crossing the street, we do not want you to happen or cause any accident on your vacation, be responsible! Take some time to walk through its picturesque streets where you can surely take many photos, so do not forget your camera In the picturesque streets of the center you can find quite nice souvenirs at a great price, so don’t forget to bring one with the family.

The most beautiful beach in Isla Mujeres

The mandatory beach that you have to visit on your excursion to Isla Mujeres is Playa Norte, this is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Its clear waters make this beach a great place to swim because of its shallow waters. If you want to taste fresh seafood, you will surely find places to do it on the shore. We recommend that you wait until sunset so that you can enjoy this spectacular scene; the sunset is really beautiful.

Hacienda Mundaca

This hacienda dates from the year 1860, when a pirate named Fermín Mundaca took refuge on the island after facing the British NavyOn the island he fell in love with a beautiful native known as La Trigueña, for whom he built the ranch with wells, arches, gardens, cattle, an orchard and a bird hatchery.On your excursion to Isla Mujeres you have to visit the Hacienda Mundaca, Well, the guides will tell you a fascinating story that will transport you to a pirate past, in addition to appreciating the architecture of the hacienda.

Go into the jungle

If you are a nature lover then you have to go into the jungle areas that are on the island. The natives of the island offer numerous guided tours so always go accompanied by someone who already knows the terrain. The tour is short through the small ones. Dimensions of the island, but you can see the flora and fauna of the island up close, be very careful with the iguanas as they are everywhere.

Practice diving and snorkeling

If you are a fan of the underwater world then you cannot miss the opportunity to practice snorkeling or diving in Isla Mujeres.

Well, its crystalline waters make it an excellent place to snorkel, swim on the surface and see the underwater world.

Although if you really want to be amazed you have to go diving. There are many places to discover around the island, with beautiful reefs and underwater caves.

But if on your excursion to Isla Mujeres you are looking for extreme adventure and adrenaline then you have to dive to the Sleeping Shark Cave that was discovered in the 70’s. In this cave sharks enter but do not leave.

If you have the guts and it is safe, you can enter the cave where you will see many sharks still in the sand, they remain motionless for a long time, but then they offer a majestic show with their swaying.