Excursions in Cancun, full of magic and fun

If you find yourself planning your next vacation, you should contemplate some excursions in Cancun that will leave you with a big smile after your vacation.

Before you arrive in the hot city of CancunYou must plan your stay so that you make the most of the entire days while you are there.

After settling into the hotel in Cancun and reclining the chair to forget the stressful days since your last vacation, delight yourself in front of the sea, enjoying the landscape and having a piña colada full of flavor of the Mexican Caribbean, visit the hotel’s spa and relax a little more, then enjoy the hotel pool while the delicious food that the hotel can offer is ready, enjoy your day while you tan and delight in the beautiful climate of Cancun.

Well, you already relaxed on your first day, now yes, are you ready to start with the excursions in Cancun?

Tulum archaeological zone

Tulum is the best-known Mayan City in the world and the idea is that you enjoy the National Park that has an area of ​​664 hectares, which are distributed along the coastal area.

Tulum is one of the archaeological zones that have a trace of the Mayan Culture, the walled site that receives thousands of tourists is a small trace that was left from a big city. The first day of the Cancun excursions will fill you with the culture of the community Maya in addition to the natural beauty that this divine place radiates, as well as the fine sand.

Excursions in Cancun, visit the Island

Isla Mujeres is an excellent option for you to get to know this small extension full of nature, the island (as they call it) can be reached by ferry, when you arrive there you can rent a golf cart or a motorcycle to get to know the whole island, There are different places around Isla Mujeres where you can make stops to marvel at the surprising nature.

Garrafón Park is located on the South side of the Island and has the best cliffs where you can take the best pictures.

If you want to dive you can visit the South side where you can do water activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking or swimming with dolphins.

The last ferry trip to Cancun departs at 12:00 at night, then you can return very relaxed to your hotel to rest to continue with your next Cancun excursions the next day.

Day of excursion in Cozumel

Take another ferry to get to know the beautiful Island of Cozumel, the two most impressive parks on the Island are Punta Sur and Chankanaab, in the latter you can enjoy a beautiful beach park to practice snorkeling or diving, it is the ideal setting for you to swim or go scuba diving or snorkeling surrounded by brightly colored tropical fish.

From the Island of Cozumel you can see the sculptures of the Underwater Art Museum, the well-known MUSA; This beautiful museum was created to encourage the proliferation of artificial reefs and to have a new tourist attraction to avoid the degradation of natural reefs. This is one of the favorite Cancun excursions for visitors who arrive throughout the year. When you are in Cozumel you must visit the historic Celarain Lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.

Shopping days in Cancun

If you need to make purchases to bring gifts to your friends and family, you can take a day to go on excursions in Cancun focused on acquiring new souvenirs.

Market 28

The best-known handicraft market in the city covers the entire blockin the center of Cancun and offers all kinds of handicrafts, souvenirs, hammocks, clothes and much more. The prices of the handicrafts are very accessible.

Tulum avenue

It is one of the main streets in downtown Cancun and concentrates countless shops, including artisan options, tours, beachwear and sportswear.

In the downtown area of ​​Cancun you will find much more accessible options than in the hotel zone, for this reason we invite you to excursions in Cancun so that you can evaluate the options that best suit you and acquire the best handicrafts at the best price.