6 Awesome Facts About Diving With Bull Sharks in Cancun

Did you know that diving with bull sharks in Cancun is one several high-demand diving tours in the Mexican Caribbean? It’s totally thrilling, completely safe, and quite unforgettable. So learn some facts about this awesome activity, including how you can help save the sharks by experiencing it!

1. The Time to Dive with Bull Sharks is from December to March

Because pregnant female bull sharks need warm water to give birth, they choose the Mexican Caribbean to do so. And the best time for their baby sharks to spawn is between December and March. This is precisely when bull shark season takes place in the Yucatan Peninsula. Are you ready to try diving with bull sharks in Cancun and Riviera Maya? 

2. You Must Earn Your Certifications to Dive with Bull Sharks

Since it takes plenty of skill to go diving with bull sharks in Cancun, you must have your certifications in order. This activity requires at least 20 registered dives. Also, you must have gone diving within the last 2 years. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner who always wanted to dive, now’s as good a time as ever to start your scuba diving adventure.

3. Reach Depths of 75 Feet to Swim with Bull Sharks

As a result of your certification process, you’ll have the key to the underwater world of bull sharks. Additionally, you can interact with these animals that measure around 9 feet and can weigh more than 500 pounds. Due to their preference for lower depths, you’ll find bull sharks swimming at around 75 feet below the surface. Most of all, you’ll be able to swim with these imposing sea creatures without interrupting their environment.

4. You Can Come Face to Face with the Bull Sharks

Especially relevant for adrenaline junkies and animal lovers, there’s a need to dive and get really close to the sharks. Hence, AquaWorld offers the bull shark encounter tour, which takes you face to face with these magnificent fish. And an expert team of divers will be on hand to ensure your safety as the bull sharks swim inches away from you.

5. Or You Can Merely Observe Them While Diving

Yet, if you’d still like to go underwater but would rather keep your distance from the bull sharks, you can certainly do so. The bull shark observation tour allows you to get close, but not too close. While you’re in the water, you can still feel the rush of adrenaline even several feet away from the sharks.

6. You Can Help Save Bull Sharks by Diving with Them

Most of all, whichever bull shark excursion you choose, you’ll help save the sharks. How? As a result of diving with bull sharks in Cancun, proceeds from your tour go to the non-profit Saving Our Sharks. Consequently, this organization can continue fighting for the preservation of shark populations throughout the Mexican Caribbean.

In addition, Saving Our Sharks monitors the sharks’ migration patterns to get a better understanding of their behavior. Learn about this group’s work and why sharks are vital to the oceans’ health by watching this short video:

Let AquaWorld Help You Experience Diving with Bull Sharks in Cancun

Finally, if you’re ready to experience an amazing bull shark encounterlet us know! We’ll be happy to reserve a tour with our expert team of divers who will take great care of you. So spend your winter vacation under the Mexican Caribbean’s surface making new friends with the sharks. We can’t wait to take you there!