Fall in love with the cenotes in Cancun

Walk the route of the cenotes in Cancunand we assure you that you will have experiences that will change your life forever.

A cenote is a water well, there are caverns with underground, open and semi-open rivers.

There is the cenote route in the Riviera Maya, it has all kinds of cenotes for you to do different activities in them, such as snorkeling, diving or swimming.

Practice any activity in the Cenotes in CancunIt is an unforgettable and unique experience, it is one of the most requested water activities.

Very few people have the privilege of entering the bowels of the cenotes in Cancun, but they all enjoy it.

The cenotes in Cancun are more than 20 of all types, these are some of the most impressive that you have to know:

Cenote Chac Mool

It is the perfect cenote for diving, although it is for experienced divers, when submerging your body will feel a very special adrenaline.

Its depth is not so much but its majesty of construction is very much, since it is full of stalactites.

When you enter this cenote you must be careful with all the signs that you come across and you must pay attention to all of them, it is for your safety and that of the other divers.

Cenote Garden of Eden

This cenote is also known as the Ponderosa cenote, but its most popular name is Garden of Eden, its name honors it as it is a very beautiful place, perfect for being with the family, swimming or snorkeling, it is a very fun place and relaxed.

Crystalline cenote

Of the cenotes in the Riviera Maya, this is the one that at first glance looks like an artificial pool, its waters are sweet, warm and transparent, inhabited by hundreds of fish.

It is a good place to practice snorkeling and enjoy the view that marine life gives us, although if you prefer you can take a zip line.

Cenote Chikin ha

This cenote is well known since its location is only a few meters from the Federal Highway. It is an open cenote demonstrating its great beauty, its waters are transparent, it is a very shallow cenote.

Here they also host fish and algae that make it the perfect place to practice snorkeling and thus be able to contemplate the beauty of this cenote.

Cenote Taj Mahal

This cenote envelops you in an incredible atmosphere that awakens your perception of beauty in a way never seen before.

It is one of the cenotes in Riviera Maya perfect for diving, where you will surely experience wonderful sensations that you will never forget again in your life.

Here you will feel a great loneliness accompanied by an unmistakable joy, although it will not be like that since you always have to be accompanied by a certified guide or instructor.

Cenote Tak Be Ha

This cavern-type cenote has a gloomy and unique beauty, since it has been in this shape for thousands of years.

It is a good place to practice snorkeling or diving and admire all the stalactites and stalagmites, unlike most of the semi-open cenotes in Cancun, this one has a certain mystery thanks to the architecture that nature has created.

Cenote Dos Ojos

The Dos Ojos cenote is the favorite for divers as they consider it a paradise for cavern diving, something that is very well accepted.

It is visited by novice and experienced divers, as the cenote has three different caverns connected by underground rivers.

The ideal is to be accompanied by a guide and an underwater camera so that whenever you want you can relive this beautiful experience within the bowels of the Dos Ojos cenote.This cenote like some other cenotes in Cancun offers hammocks, baths and food services so you can enjoy completely of your visit.

Cenote Siete Bocas

This is one of the cenotes in Cancun that is very little crowded, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy the water in a quiet place without many people.

It does not have much infrastructure but it is a paradisiacal place surrounded by vegetation, and within the crystal clear water you can observe rock formations and marine life such as algae and fish.

The Siete Bocas cenote is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, taking a break from city life and enjoying the nature of the Caribbean in a rustic way.