Fish, prepare and eat your catch of the day

There’s nothing better than ending your fishing tour in Cancun with your grilled catch of the day. If you would like to eat your catch Aquaworld can prepare your meal for you. 

Traditional Mexican food, catch of the day fish, fresh from the ocean!

Cancun is home to a variety of fish species which provide great delicacies if you know how to cook fish properly. There are so many ways to cook fish, sometimes it depends on the type, but generally there are some pretty basic steps. Here are some top options on how to cook your fish.

Fresh Grouper, Mahi Mahi and Mutton Snapper, great for tacos.

Soft tortillas, succulent chunks of white fish, onion, lime, cilantro and not to forget chilli sauce. Can you taste it?
If you do your research there are lots of salsa recipes out there to accompany your tacos, mango, chipotle and ginger are popular sauce bases.

Fish Tacos

Let us cook your Catch of the Day

Upon return of your Cancun fishing excursion, our chef will be glad to prepare and cook your fish for you, alternatively most hotels will do the same. Cooked to your liking, you can then enjoy a lunch of delicious grilled fish whilst sitting on the deck of our lagoon side restaurant. Grilled Grouper with garlic butter, bread crumbed or with chilli, the choice is yours. Served with rice and vegetables; a perfect way to enjoy your catch of the day.  

A traditional Mayan fish dish – Tikin-Xic

There are some great beach restaurants on the island of Isla Mujeres that serve this dish.
This Mayan recipe is traditionally cooked in an earth oven under a wood fire. The name comes from a Mayan word meaning dry fish, once the fish is prepared it is marinated in adobo de achiote. Adobo de Aciote is a Mayan blend of mixed spices typically used in cooking in the Yucatan and Belize regions. Anatto seeds are commonly found in the Yucantan Peninsular and these are ground and mixed with spices, garlic and vinegar. This mix is what gives the Tikin-xic it’s deep red color and distinctive flavor. Sour oranges are added and the fish is typically marinated for four to six hours. The marinated fish is then slow cooked on a grill.

Mexican Pibil – Baked Fish

Whilst ‘Pibil’ dishes are usually made with chicken or ‘cochinita’ (pork), this specialty, in the Yucatan región is made with fish.
‘Pibil’ means ‘buried’ or ‘cooked underground’ in Mayan. The fish is first marinated in bitter orange and achiote, wrapped in banana leaves and buried. Ok, it’s cooked in a handmade oven in the ground, for a really really long time. This dish seems similar to the Tikin-Xic but the taste is very different. Pibil needs a little more nuturing and time for those flavors to mix and merge into the fish meat.

Catch and release is recommended on our fishing charters in Cancun but if you would like to eat your fish, no problem our staff can make it happen. Some fish are seasonal so be sure to ask your captain if you would like to fish for something to cook later. Grouper, commonly known as Mero is found all year round.