Flyboard, the most popular activity for this summer 2015

The flyboard is the ultimate in extreme water sports and it is the most popular activity for this summer 2015. Come toAquaworld to enjoy an extraordinary experience during your vacations.

Every time the summer season arrives in Cancun, tourists usually take to the beaches, pools and lagoons in order to cool off and have a good time. This movement makes the watersports regain strength, and like every season, a new fashion usually arises to enjoy the water.

In Cancun at least one of the most popular activities is the Flyboard. This invention of the French Franky Zapata, from Zapata Racing, is an artifact that through jet propulsion allows to fly over water.

What is the flyboard?

This device, developed in 2011, uses the force of a water motor on a table, in order to be propelled over the air or in the water.

The Flyboard, injected into the turbine of a Personal Watercraft (PWC), better known as a jetski, enables its operator to fly through the air, reaching a height of up to 12 meters, or to get into the water and swim like a dolphin.

The Flyboard consists of a pair of boots, similar to those used in the performance of ‘wakeboard‘, which have been attached to a plastic board. A hose similar to the one used by firefighters goes to a intake, which is located in the lower part, and whose other end is attached to the turbine of the jet ski.

Each side of the board has tubes to act as exhausts, these launch powerful jets of water, which make the action in the air more spectacular. You can also connect some poles, with thinner hoses, to produce extra jets and seek greater lift, in addition to helping the body in generating maneuvers and its helmsman.

The perfect activity for the summer

Although it may seem, from the visual point of view, an extreme or difficult sport, it is far from being this way. This activity can be carried out by both men and women of all ages and with great enjoyment for the family, especially if it is integrated with teenagers. This feeling of flying, performing various turns and somersaults, both under or on the water, is very striking to do in the summer period. The Flyboard, is the most popular activity of this 2015, before the adrenaline that allows you to add to the body.

The sensation of being ‘flying’ over the water is striking and extremely pleasant for those who do it, as well as those who can observe it from a certain closeness.

Flyboard at Aquaworld

Do you want to flyboard in Cancun? The aquaworld marina it is the best place to do it! During your Flyboard session you will be driven by a jet ski and you will rise above the waters of the Nichupté lagoon.

These are short sessions so you can get used to the board, rising above the water and maintaining your balance, both when ascending and returning to the water. Flyboard is the ultimate in extreme water sports. Do you want to enjoy an extraordinary and fun experience during your vacations? Well, come to Aquaworld and you will see the great variety of water sports and tours that you can practice with us.

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