Flyboarding Tips for Beginners

Do you want to fly out of the water and feel like Ironman? Try flyboarding! If you have never done this activity before, don’t worry here we will give you some tips for beginners.

Franky Zapata uploaded his video of flyboarding on Youtube in the year 2011 and it immediately got innumerable views and likes.

And later on Aquaworld started to include flyboarding in its water sport activities. This fun adventure sport is made safely for you by Aquaworld, preparing you for the flight before the actual one.

Flyboarding is propelling above the lagoon with the help of water. This sport appeals to those who already tried activities such as parasailingscuba divingsnorkelingwaverunning, etc. This tour will surely rush your adrenaline more than anything else.

Flyboarding with Aquaworld

Why you should do flyboarding with Aquaworld? Well that’s because we guarantee complete fun along with safety. While flyboarding might seem too easy for some people, others might as well find it scary, but everyone considers it pretty exciting.

But it’s not that difficult to learn. Aquaworld provides all the training and information you need to have a great time flyboarding!

Tips to enjoy your flyboarding in Cancun

Here’s a small list of tips and pieces of advice that Aquaworld has for beginners about flyboarding in Cancun:

Make sure to listen to what the guide says. Follow his instructions very carefully.
Pregnant women and people who are under even a slight effect of alcohol are not allowed to do flyboarding. The point is to have fun but safety is always the most important thing so Aquaworld gives its best to provide you a safe and memorable experience!

High-tide and high wind speeds are times when flyboarding should not be engaged in.
Beginners or experts, be sure to wear safety gears. These are not as cool to flaunt, but are a must to keep you safe.

Tie all the safety gears tight to the body like the body suit and the helmet. The most important are the boots.
Before your start, make sure to be at a safe distance away from your waverunner.
Maintaining the right balance is esencial while flyboarding. You need to listen to the guide to know which is the right posture so you don´t loose the balance. Stand straight, with your knees slightly bent forward, but never toward the back.

Make sure your body and mind are relaxed when flyboarding for the first time.
Flyboarding is fun and once you do it successfully you would like to try new pirouettes like an expert.
Practice and enjoy the basic level, get accustomed to it, get comfortable before moving to the next level.

For some it might come as tough to maintain a balance when up in the sky but don’t give up. It will pay off!