Get ready for whale shark season!

The season of whale shark on Women IslandWe are very happy since we are preparing everything so that next May you will be one of the first to swim with this majestic marine giant.

The whale shark season is about to reach the coast of the Yucatan peninsula and from Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy and its surroundings we can appreciate this incredible species.

The whale shark is considered the largest fish and reaches the shores of the Mexican Caribbean due to annual migration, these majestic beings can grow up to 13 meters and weigh more than 11 tons, the best thing about this incredible huge fish is that it is one of the friendliest species you can find in the oceans.

Thousands of experts in snorkeling and diving in Cancun, prepare to be the guides of hundreds of people who want to live a sensational experience. Swimming with the shark is possible, this practice has become very popular among locals and tourists.

Whale shark care

The authorities have taken on the task of enforcing the rules and regulations in order to keep this species as good as possible and remove it from the list of threatened species.

Live the whale shark festival

The festival is already a custom among the islanders, the idea is to offer the world a festival that takes place between the months of June or July, thanks to this festival it is possible to dive with whale sharks, in addition to enjoying all the folklore and traditions of the island, in a family environment more than 5,000 people promote swimming as well as the protection of the whale shark.

If you visit the Mexican Caribbean from May to August, go preparing a tour so that you can swim with the whale shark, the experts at Aquaworld can take you to live one of the greatest experiences together with the largest fish in the world.