Get ready for your night dive in Cancun!

If it is the first time that you are going to live the night dive in Cancun, you must prepare so that your adventure is more than fantastic.

Although in any type of diving it is necessary to be prepared and know the subject, in night diving in Cancun you must have a little more knowledge so that your first dive is more than perfect.

Get ready for your night dive in Cancun

At night all the scenarios change widely and when it comes to the ocean, you would be surprised to see how it can change, so your diving equipment will be a little different.To your equipment you must add certain elements so that it can be considered good equipment night diving; so you will need lamps to see underwater, replacement bulbs and batteries. These elements will be your best friends in your next night diving practice in Cancun.

Normally we recommend following the instructions of the guides to the letter, so that night diving in Cancun is the best, pay close attention to your guide.

Diving signals

Under water and in the dark it will be a bit difficult to detect the maneuvers to communicate, so your way of communicating with the other divers will be through flashlights, before making the dive the guide must teach you the language or basic signs so that you can Communicate at your next night diving practice in Cancun.

Run tests during the day

Performing tests in the place where you will make your night diving dive can be very useful, since it will help you to know the reef, the entry and exit points and even demarcate what your route will be. If your night diving experience in Cancun will be in the hands of experts then you don’t have to worry.

Carry a Compass

When you dive at night it is a bit difficult to get around easily, since the signs are not so visible and only part of the reef or seabed can be seen clearly, so don’t forget to bring a compass; with it it will be much easier to define the path.

Move slow

We have always talked about having respect for the ocean and at night it is much more necessary, so move slowly and cautiously. When you move slowly you require less air, so go slowly, observe carefully and explore a lot, so your experience ofnight dive in Cancun will yield double.

Do not separate yourself from the group

As is customary, we always recommend that you stay in a group and especially when diving is at night; always be alert as what you can see will only illuminate your lamp, so keep in mind where your travel companions are.

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Enjoy your experience!

Night diving in Cancun is much more than you imagine this adventure offers incredibly vivid colors, multicolored reef formations that intensify thanks to the moonlight and the nocturnal marine life will host your night diving experience in Cancun You will be able to find colorful octopuses, lobsters and moray eels, as well as many fish of colors and sizes.