Gray Fishtag Research at Aquaworld

Gray Fishtag Research is a non-profit organization that conducts fish research internationally.

This incredible program has been promoted by fishing professionals around the world and they have one main objective: to collect information in real time to obtain valuable scientific data directly from fishermen throughout the world. It all starts with catching the fish at large. that we will mark and release safe and sound, the plus of this experience is really gratifying to free this beautiful species but also to help science.

The main idea is that biologists and scientists from Gray Fishtag work hand in hand with fishermen to understand the migration patterns of hundreds of fish of all species, topics such as growth rates, migration and habitat depths are studied thanks to this project .

For the first time in history, fish species from all oceans will be controlled and Aquaworld it is part of this interesting project. Species of all sizes and colors will be tracked and registered to keep a count, a key is placed per species.

The promise that Gray Fishtag has is to offer all types of fishermen a tool to make research more productive and raise awareness in the conservation of the hunting of marine species and guarantee a “real conservation” of all species around the world.

Gray Fishtag claims to provide free markers and training, so it covers two goals in one: Sport fishing and aid scientific research.

Finally, by being connected with fishermen from all over the world, the scientific community is collecting pertinent data that is analyzed and used for scientific purposes and is shared with all interested parties, at no cost.

The success of Gray Fishtag

The success of the program is possible thanks to the participation of professionals working both in fisheries and in our official research centers with professional biologists and the generous contributions of our partners and donors.

What happens after the fish is tagged?

After having a very rewarding experience releasing your fish with its respective brand, you must capture your information on the research tag and you can register from any mobile or desktop device and provide the information. A small database will be created with the species that you have marked and released along with the geographic location where this new species was captured and released, which is now being analyzed.
Gray Fishtag has an entire technical support and customer service team to help answer any questions.


All of this is possible thanks to the generous contributions of partners and donors, so any contribution is tax deductible and will go directly to supporting the cause in every way.

If you want to donate something to the oceans, join this incredible project that Aquaworld has in his Fishing Tour in Cancun, do this activity that is one of the funniest sport fishing experiences in Cancun, mark your fish and help science.