Great Activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya for Mother’s Day

The Cancun and Riviera Maya area work well for mother getaways because of its many attractions, including the beach, shopping, water sports, Mayan ruins, eco-parks and more.
If you’re thinking about planning a mother and children vacation in the Cancun or Riviera Maya area, here are a few activities guaranteed she will love.

Swim with dolphins

Families love this activity. Suitable for all ages and perfect to be combined with other activities. You can choose your favorite program to swim with dolphins. The interactive program is ideal for children willing to have a direct interaction with dolphins like with a tender kiss or a handshake; this experience provides an excellent introduction to the dolphin world. If you are looking for more adventure the swim and ride program includes the awesome belly ride and a deeper overview of dolphin’s behavior. Finally, for the intrepid one, we recommend the swim program where the dolphin will push you out of the water. Any program you choose will be a fantastic experience for the rest of your life plus you can add the entrance to the new Ventura Park. Find out more about these tours here.

Isla Mujeres Day Trip

Isla Mujeres is a very small and picturesque island. It is only 13 kilometers long (8.1 miles) and about 650 meters (2130 feet) at its widest point. It has lovely white sand beaches, turquoise waters and a quaint but colorful downtown area where you can shop, grab a drink or enjoy some fresh seafood. Once you get into Isla, you can rent a golf car or a bicycle to move around and watch the amazing landscapes. With Aquaworld tour, you can access to the beach club where you can relax and enjoy the beach.

Bob Adventure

This is a truly unique underwater adventure aboard one of our submersible scooters that will allow you to view the marvels of the sea while effortlessly riding your very own self-propelled, eco-friendly electric scooter. No diving or scuba experience necessary. There are no uncomfortable constraints of conventional dive equipment. You can enjoy the view of colorful fish on the beautiful tropical reefs as you can combine this with a snorkel tour. Check out the options and have fun with this family adventure!

These are just some ideas for a perfect Mother’s Day in the Caribbean along with all the family. Do not think twice and book any of these great experiences now, or chek out more water activities in Cancún and Riviera Maya. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep track of our promos and tours.