Great destinations to have the best wedding under the sea

Who needs a chapel in Las Vegas when you can get married in a much more original way? Now you can make your dream of having a wedding under the sea come true.

A wedding under the sea It is not only possible in movies, today you can get married under the sea and you only need to choose the destination, make the necessary arrangements, a snorkel equipment for each of the attendees and be ready to say: Yes, I accept!

With a decoration full of natural beauty, reefs full of color, and companions full of scales is one of the scenarios that you will have if you carry out your wedding under the sea. Sealing the union with a kiss of love, in front of the judge, your friends and some fish and marine species will be worthy of being photographed.

It is for that reason that we share with you the best places to have an incredible wedding under the sea.

A wedding under the sea on the island Bora Bora

It is known as one of the most romantic islands in the world and where thousands of couples get married a year, and they only have to submerge 4 meters from the pearl of the Pacific.

The bride and groom are taken to this stage where they put on a helmet to breathe and reach the altar, naturally a Polynesian priest waits for them to officiate the mass, and perform the wedding under the sea, it is only necessary to exchange the vows to give a kiss “helmet to helmet” and get out of the water to celebrate with friends and family waiting on the surface.

The only witnesses to this wedding under the sea is the marine flora and fauna that swim very close.

Florida, an amazing destination for marriage

The state park John pennekamp It has witnessed thousands of weddings under the sea, since this famous park in Florida has been the place to marry several couples and has participated in the Guinness Book and thus break records as the largest wedding under the sea.

55 people said “Yes, I accept” for this great event, however the father who officiated the mass is already famous for having around 30 years uniting thousands of lovers and fulfilling the dream of happy couples.

Cancun, a perfect place for a wedding under the sea

This municipality of Quintana Roo is known for its beautiful crystalline waters since this is one of the characteristics of the Caribbean Sea, but who would not be excited to have a wedding under the beautiful Caribbean Sea?

In addition, this destination in the south of the country has among its activities weddings under the sea, with an elegant coral paradise as a background, any wedding celebration can be planned.The participants before such an important event should preferably have some kind of experience in snorkeling, although It is not mandatory and if you do not have that experience you can dive with a life jacket and beginner equipment.

The recommended option for the event is to stay on your knees, in this destination weddings have been seen under the sea with the bride and groom dressed in bathing suits or the typical wedding dress and groom’s suit. Certainly very romantic.

If you want to get married under the Caribbean Sea you can do it with the experts, Aquaworldcan make a package sticking to your needs. Contact them and have a dream wedding under the Caribbean Sea.