Guide to improve the snorkeling experience in Cancun

The charm and mystery of the ocean makes us want to discover it at every moment, if you want your next experience of snorkeling in Cancun is the best, you must follow this simple guide.

You will surely immerse yourself in the water and it is possible that you feel so free to swim a little, when you finish “acclimatizing” it is necessary that you take into account the following tips so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Perfectly fits the mask

We always talk about the importance of placing the snorkeling maskin a correct way, this for a simple but very important reason; the perfect placement of the mask is everything since in the middle of the practice you cannot stop to make adjustments, it is necessary that it fits perfectly.

  • Try to hold the mask close to your face and breathe through your nose so that the mask seals perfectly, make sure it stays in place without holding.
  • Enter the water and check that it does not fall, cloud or have water leaks.

Our main concern is that you feel comfortable and that you make the most of your next diving experience in Cancun, get to know the underwater flora and fauna and take lots of photos.

Choose the correct fins

The fins are the tools that will propel you underwater, so we recommend choosing wisely the pair that will make you move like a fish in the water, they must adapt perfectly; Avoid tight fins as the pressure of the water and the tight fin can cause cramps. Choose fins a larger number than your usual shoe size, remember that these will be of vital help so that snorkeling is much easier and faster.

Breathe easy

The key to making snorkeling very pleasant is to perfectly control your breathing, to breathe calmly through the tube of the mask would seem like an odyssey but you can do it practicing a little out of the water.When you are submerged you can do some tests to Little by little your body gets used to breathing through the tube.
For nothing in the world bite the tubeThis action is recurrent and sometimes we do it unconsciously, it would cause our jaw to end up very sore, so: RELAX AND BREATHE NORMALLY!

If it is your first time snorkeling in Cancun, you can take a tour to enjoy the underwater beauty, Aquaworld has an incredibly fun package full of surprises.

How would you like to practice snorkeling in Cancun and get to know the Underwater Museum of Art? Just phenomenal right?

Well, no matter where you stay, the experience takes place in the Punta Nizuc room and the underwater magic will surprise you, there are around 470 life-size sculptures that adorn two very interesting rooms and where you can see the proliferation of nature, thanks to the creation of artificial reefs.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to practice snorkeling on an island; Isla Mujeres is an excellent option since there is the possibility of leaving Cancun to enjoy the snorkeling adventure on this beautiful island, the main idea is to leave early from your hotel so that you can tour the entire island before immersing yourself to know the underwater fauna.