Have fun driving a Waverunner in Cancun

Hop on a waverunner in Cancun and drive through the mangroves of the Nichupté Lagoon or through the fabulous waves of the Mexican Caribbean.

If you are an enthusiast or admirer of the watersports then you have to ride a jet ski on your visit to the Riviera Maya.

Enjoy the sea breeze on your face and the view offered by the waverunner, because you are the one who marks the route whether you go alone or accompanied.

At Aquaworld you can rent them for 30 minutes or a full hour and we are sure you will not regret it.

We care that our teams are always ready and in the best conditions so that you and your family do not have any inconvenience and enjoy your vacation in Cancun without problems.

The equipment that is counted on are jet skis Yamaha VX-1100 100 horsepower, some of the fastest there is.

Getting on a waverunner is an adventure full of adrenaline and fun at all times, give yourself enough time to enjoy this activity without interruptions.

Also feel the vibrant speed that the waverunner gives you, have fun at your own pace but always remember with security and heed all the indications that the instructor says.

It is very important that you stay in the assigned areas since safety is first and in the seas of Cancun we can find many obstacles such as boats, ferries and people swimming, be aware of the traffic that happens around you You can choose where to drive your waverunner:

In the Nichupté lagoon

The fresh waters of the Nichupté Lagoon are so calm that it will be easier to drive here. This lagoon is well known because many water sports that are offered in Cancun are practiced here since it is an important element in the magic that this city has.

Driving through the mangroves can be quite fun, take the time to contemplate all the natural beauty of the ecosystem and pay close attention to the movements between the mangroves, you may be lucky enough to see a crocodile.

The sun sets on the west side where the lagoon is located, so take the opportunity to see the beautiful view of the sunset, an image that will surely engrave in your memory.It is the perfect time to be in the company of your partner because you have seats of front row for this work of art that nature offers every day.

On the Beaches of Cancun

If you are looking to take a tour with more excitement then you have to ride a waverunner on the beautiful beaches of Cancun.

Ride the wild waves of the Caribbean Sea, feel the refreshing sea breeze and enjoy the radiant sun.In the sea you have the freedom of space and of turning wherever you want, although of course the vibration is more noticeable.

The view is also fabulous since you see the beach from another approach, a quite significant one, even if you don’t go that far, always remember to stay in the assigned areas.

For safety reasons, the minimum age to drive a waverunner is 16 years old and minors must be accompanied by an adult, the minimum age of a passenger is 5 years old.

You can find different locations where to hire this tour in the hotel zone and in some hotels in the Riviera Maya. We are sure that you will have the most fun.

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