What are the health benefits of Scuba Diving?

Did you know scuba diving has many health benefits? Yes! Besides observing fantastic things in beautiful natural environments you will be doing your body a favor.

So if you are already certified run to watch out scuba diving tours and if you don´t know how to dive we recommend the Discover Scuba or Open Water Certification in Cancun.

Diving is good for your health!

Believe it or not scuba diving is good for physical and mental fitness. There are some valid benefits in learning to dive and your Cancun vacation is just the right moment to spend the time on a dive cert.

Scuba diving works all body muscles

Your dive instructor will explain that you can maintain buoyancy and swim faster if you relax, keep your arms by your sides and your legs straight whilst kicking. But even so you will use your arms and legs to navigate somewhat and this is good exercise.

The water provides resistance for muscles, not to mention swimming on the surface of the water and getting in and out of the boat. Diving in Cancun and Cozumel offers drift diving so this makes it easy when diving with the currant, but a workout when you have to swim against it!

When you scuba dive you burn calories!

On average you burn about 220 calories per dive. Cancun diving offers 2 tank dives so that’s 440 calories, plus the extra swimming and gear lifting – an easy 500 calories burned doing something that you love. (that’s two margaritas and a couple of tacos)!

Great for the respiratory system

We all know that the golden rule of scuba diving is breathing; deeply and slowly. This is great exercise for the heart and muscles and gets the blood pumping without straining the heart.
Stimulate the lymphatic system and release toxins; cleanse the body from the overindulgent of the nightlife in Cancun.

Tranquility and Stillness of mind

Most of the all-inclusive hotels in Cancun offer yoga or massage, but scuba diving also produces the same peace of mind, relaxation and tranquillity.

What could be more enjoyable than swimming with sea turtles, multi colored fish in the silence of the underwater.

All the joys that a dive in Cancun can bring you are way better than a 30 minute yoga class!

Raised Metabolism

Did you know that your metabolism is increased for up to 18 hours after a dive? So as you’re on vacation you can go Cozumel diving for example and then feast on your hotel buffet without feeling guilty!

Because of the controlled nitrogen that builds up in your body, your metabolism increases to work it out of your system.

Bottom line: Diving is good for you. So sign up for your Open Water Certification now and learn to dive in Cancun with Aquaworld.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!