Hoverboard, The Newest Tour In Cancun

Have you heard about the Hoverboard? This is the newest tour in Aquaworld and you can do it during your vacations in Cancun.

Water sports are the type of fun no adventurous soul would ever want to miss. Here are some of the ones you can do with Aquaworld: snorkelingscuba diving, waverunners and more!

If you are looking for one of the hottest destinations for water sports, Cancun is the perfect place. Cancun is located in the southeast of Mexico, it has beautiful and silent beaches with shining white sand and clear waters.

Recently, a new water sport has been added to the list: the Hoverboard!

The idea of this new water sport  is to hover above the water surface! Yes, tourists in Cancun will be stunned to see someone hovering above the sea and having fun. Wondering where can you do this? Aquaworld is the place!

Hoverboard? What Is That?

The hoverboard and flyboard, were invented in the year 2014 by Franky Zapata, the owner and founder of Zapata Racing. Hoverboard is a sport between surf board and skate board.

The adventurous ones willing to do hoverboard above the sea, will have to carry an entire kit, attached to the waverunner, which would propel them above the sea water.

Those opting for hoverboarding will be flying above the sea without wings. You will be able to curl, bend and maneuver on the water!

Hoverboard in Cancun

Hoverboard with Aquaworld in Cancun

This sport was recently invented last year and there are not too many destinations offering this activity, but Aquaworld in Cancun does.

To do this activity there’s some training you need to do before actually trying it. There are some instructions you should carefully listen and follow.

The training session lasts around 30 minutes and all you have to do is listen carefully to the staff.
Initially  you´ll start in shallow waters at not much height, that means starting at around 5 meters and also a slow speed. Once, you get the hang of the sport and become confident, speed can reach up to 40 kilometer per hour.

Aquaworld will take you through an open-air flight over the Nichupte Lagoon with sky above and sea water beneath. Do you want to book your tour ? You can do it  here ! >> Hoverboard Cancun

A hoverboard tour with Aquaworld will surely make your trip the most unforgettable one.

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