How much do you know about sport fishing?

The sport fishing It is a fascinating activity to do in the open sea or in fresh water, you will love to fish your own dinner, or fight against a gigantic fish.

Have you ever wondered what sport fishing is?

Well if so then you are in the right place, we are going to give you the answer in the best way so that you do not confuse sport fishing with commercial fishing.

The sport fishing It is the activity of catching one fish at a time, using only a rod, reel, line and a hook, a fight between man and beast.

Harpoons, spear nets and other artifacts are omitted, as they are not considered as tools for this activity.This activity has been practiced for thousands of years, graphical evidence of angling in Sweden dating from about thirty thousand to forty was found a thousand years ago.

Sport fishing basics

There are a couple of words that can be very strange to you if you hear them and are not familiar with the terms so we give you some basic concepts and terms.

  • Cane: This is a rod that is usually in different sizes and made of different materials, they have to be resistant and flexible.
  • Lure: This concept can be very confusing since there are many types of lure, but in a concrete way the lure is the object that is used to capture the fish.
  • Line: This is a concept widely used in sport fishing since it is the line or line with which the rod is connected to the hook. Ideally, it should be made of a very resistant and transparent material since it has to be the least visible to the fish.
  • Reel: This is what the line is tangled with and can come with a lever or knob that makes it easier to throw or pull the line.

Sport fishing classification

Sport fishing can be classified in two ways:

  • The passive which is about the techniques and practices where you just throw the lure into the water and wait for the fish to bite.
  • The active It includes other techniques and practices where the bite is already provoked, some of them are known as trolling, spinning, baitcasting and fly fishing, which is the most famous.

These two classifications are born many categories where the main ones are to separate the type of water where it is fished, whether sweet or salty.

If you decide to go fishing you should know what type of waters you are going to go to, what type of fish you want to catch and of course what equipment you need to have.

Get a very good equipment, let an expert advise you on which are the best rods if you are a beginner.

Never break the fishing rules where you go because you can get in trouble with the law as not all species can be fished nor as commercial or sport fishing so be careful, always know the places where you are going to weigh before you go.

There are organizations that are dedicated to sport fishing but release the species after weighing them, mediating them and placing a tracker on them to obtain information about these species and their main habits.

Always fish in moderation and for sport, do not fish out of season and if you caught an endangered species return it to the sea, happy fishing.