How to avoid destroying Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are underwater structures created by the calcium carbonate that corals secrete, they play an important role in absorbing the amount of energy that waves carry, lowering their strength of impact against the shores, and they also serve as an important indicator of fish banks for fishermen; however, these amazing pieces of art have decreased in number. Things like chemicals and pollution dissolve the calcium in their composition, disintegrating them.

Here are 6 tips on how to prevent their destruction:

  1. Recycle, one of the most important activities someone can do to make a change, recycling reduces the amount of pollution that arrives at the ocean, separating your organic trash from the rest is the best thing you can do; if we all had this habit, the environment would be very different today.

  2. Avoid pesticides and fertilizers, even if you live a thousand miles away from a coral reef ecosystem, these chemicals usually end up in the watershed and mix with the waters that support corals.

  3. Don’t leave trash on the beach, the garbage that people tend to leave lying in the sand may end up in the ocean, when you visit a beach, always remember to pick up all your trash before you leave.

  4. Conserve water, the less water you use, the less wastewater you produce, this water usually finds its way to the ocean.

  5. When diving, avoid touching the corals, the contact with them may hurt you and also damage the delicate corals, also, try to stay off the bottom, sediment you leave may settle on coral and suffocate them, they are very delicate creatures.

  6. Spread the word! Knowledge is power, informing the people around you is the key for everyone to make a collective effort on preserving the environment.