How to be the best diving apprentice in Cancun?

If you were one of those who loved to be first in class and you are about to take your first diving classes In Cancun we give you the tips to be the best apprentice.

No matter how old you are, always pay attention in class and follow the instructions of the instructors will give you points to be the teacher’s favorite and enjoy it to the fullest, so follow these simple tips and make the most of your experience of diving in Cancun.

Meet the team

Surely you will need to rent good equipment or if you hired a diving tour, they should provide you with all the equipment so that your next dive is the best. Look carefully at all your equipment, this step is of the utmost importance for your diving experience in Cancun to be the ideal one, surely the instructor will give you some indications so that you can review the equipment completely, if you are not sure of the equipment that was provided, ask change it until you feel safe.

Hear everything about diving in Cancun

If you want to be the best diving apprentice in Cancun, you must arrive on time for your class, and know how to listen, planning a dive must be careful. The instructors must carry out an exact programming, for this reason you must listen very carefully so that you do not have doubts and if they do remain, the instructor will help you solve them.

By listening we are not only referring to your theoretical class, in practice you must also listen so that you can enjoy your diving experience in Cancun.

Dive in with the complete equipment

Do not forget to prepare all the equipment as recommended by the instructors; the fins, the belt, the mask and everything you need must be ready to be used, imagine being half a dive and you realize that you are missing the weight belt; That kind of oversight would delay the group that is about to live their first diving experience in Cancun.

Check at least three times that you have all your equipment before giving the green light to the instructors to make the dive.

Stay in group

It is very easy to lose attention when we are already immersed in diving in Cancun, there is so much fauna and flora found in the ocean that it is easy to get distracted, observe and enjoy the ride but you should always stay in a group, we do not want you to feel lonely and desperate, enjoy your trip with all your senses.

Keep your skills present

Your swimming ability may be incredible, always keep them with you following the instructions of the instructors, remember that it is not a competition, the main idea is to enjoy the diving experience in Cancun in the full extent of the word.

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