How to care for your wetsuit

Buying a good wetsuit means a considerable expense and taking a good care of it will help you keep it in good conditions so you can use it for a long time in your scuba diving expeditions.

The wetsuit helps you keep warm and safe underwater, but there are certain tips you should follow to make it last for a very long time.

Diving in coastal water, snorkeling in reefs or surfing your wetsuit is an essential thing in every kind of water sport. If you are going on vacations and do not want to take your wetsuit with you, don’t worry, at Aquaworld you can get wetsuits for rent for use while enjoying the underwater marine life or surfing the waves.

Initial rinse with fresh water after use

After every adventure under the seas, the wetsuit will have sand, mud and algae sticking to it. Also, the salty water sticks to the fabric and leaves salt which can damage the suit.

Rinsing it on both sides is essential for its upkeep. It will help to keep it damage free. If sand or mud is left uncleansed it can erode the neoprene and weaken the seamless material. Rinsing it keeps the bad odor away from the wetsuit as well.

Rinse wetsuit with fresh water

Soak, scrub and rinse

After rinsing with fresh water, the wetsuit needs to be soaked in lukewarm water to keep up the flexibility. Never use hot water in any case as it will damage the fiber. Soak in with mild detergent specially made for wetsuit cleansing for half an hour.

Baby shampoo can be a good alternative as it is very mild. Soak for another half an hour after turning inside out. During the soak use soft toothbrush to clean the zippers and joint patches. After the soak and scrub rinse it thoroughly inside out. Use hand shower for best results. Always hand wash and never wash in a machine.

Drying your wetsuit to keep it in good conditions

Hang the wetsuit in shade and never in the sun. Heating in sun will damage the wet suit. The Ultra Violet rays damages the material really quickly. Use clothes hangers to hang it and avoid metal shoulder hangars.

Metal Shoulder hangers can tear the material. The best place to hang is the balcony area shaded with a blind. First dry it inside out and then the surface. It keeps the fabric supple and the suit comfortable to wear next time.
Drying wetsuit to keep it in good conditions

Regular inspection

While you are diving or snorkeling, the suit might tear in some places. After drying the suit inspect it minutely for tears or rips. Small tears can be easily repaired. If left it might become a large hole which might not be economic or easy to repair.

Propper storage

The wetsuit should be stored unfolded in a wardrobe on a wetsuit hung or a flat hanger. Never fold as it forms crease on the fabric and will erode the insulation. Store in a place where the temperature is constant. Best place is the bedroom wardrobe.
Propper storage of wetsuit

Keep the odor out

Even after taking so much care to keep the suit maintained, odor will slowly creep in. It really becomes nasty over a period of time. No the deodorant should not be used, it contains aerosols which will damage the suit. Instead use mouth freshener like Listerine to keep the odor away. It works wonderfully well!

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