How to dive a coral reef

In Cancun you will find the most beautiful beaches to dive and marvel at the beautiful coral reefs and have fun with the family, but how to dive in a coral reef? All the best tips are in this article.

The diving practice, generally during holidays, it will allow you to discover a fascinating world under the sea. However, many amateur divers are unaware that friction with the coral can lead to damage to this organism, affecting the entire ecosystem that is based on its existence.

Let’s see below some tips from our professionals to admire the reefs and respect nature.

Tips for Diving in a Coral Reef

You have to know how to handle a series of guidelines, to dive a coral reef without damaging it. Guided dives are essential, first by having a suitable person on the subject of diving (as would be the case when taking a tour at Aquaworld), and with small groups to avoid touching or skimming the reef.

It is necessary to remember that coral is a living organism, therefore it is necessary to avoid touching it and leaning on it, as a small coral formation it can take years to grow and regenerate if by some carelessness it breaks.

To avoid damaging the coral with your fins, preferably swim above or next to the coral. A tip that you should take into account is to keep at a distance of 2 times the length of your arms, so you will avoid touching the coral with your hands, your fins or any other component of your teamYou should avoid diving if there is a strong swell, since in these cases you will have less visibility. You also have to avoid leaning on the seabed or the fins lifting the sand from the bottom. The raised sand can fall on a coral and drown it.

Practice first in low-impact areas, such as a pool or sandy region, so you will learn to dive in a coral reef. Avoid diving with choppy seas, because it reduces visibility and hinders buoyancy control, reducing the possibility of dive successfully.

Dive the reefs with Aquaworld

Aquaworld has various tours to explore the region and carry out the practice of diving in total harmony with nature, as part of its commitment to care for the Great Mexican Reef.

In addition, Aquaworld offers a wide variety of diving tours to admire the beauty of the reefs off the Yucatan coast. For example,Women Island which is known for its beautiful corals. Another option is dive in Cozumel, where you can admire the Paraíso reef and its fish of a great variety of colors.

And of course, if you don’t know how to dive in a coral reef, we also have something special for you. It’s about the tour Discover Scuba, with which you can learn to dive in our facilities and then do an open water dive in Cozumel or even in the Underwater Museum of Art. What are you waiting for to admire the underwater life in all its splendor?

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