How to move around Cancun

Cancun’s airport is the second most busy airport of Mexico and is located only 10 kilometers from the hotel zone, it’s over all very simple city, here’s how to move around Cancun.

The code for the International Airport is CUN. After you reach the airport, you may want to be extra careful with your luggage. Due to being a busy airport, there will be a rush, so, make sure you have all your luggage before you leave the airport.

Outside there will be a cab waiting for you, if you have pre-booked, or a tour bus waiting for you along with other travelers. Be aware of people who will volunteer to carry your suitcases for you.
It is advisable that you should not let anyone carry your luggage for you. Else, if you want to book a cab upon arrival there is a system to do that too.

You will need to buy a ticket for your travel from one of the ticket counters or podiums situated by the taxi stand. There will be SUVs, private carstaxis etc. waiting to take you to your destination.
Cancun’s ADO bus station is also a good way to travel around the city. They will not only be available for short trips, but long trips as well. You can get to the Riviera Maya or Holbox for example, using these ADO buses.

For other options to travel in the city, you will easily get buses. They are economical and they run from the hotel zone to downtown. Private cars or car rentals are easily available too. Should you wish to see the city from your own point of view, car rentals are the best way to go.

Activities to do in Cancun

For those interested in learning about animals, plants and aquatic life, coming to Cancun is a great decision because many creatures that are found nowhere else can be located here.

The jungle tours in Cancun is another way to find out about the animals and plants of this region. Add more to your knowledge by taking a snorkeling or diving tour of the aquatic world where the very well-informed guides will constantly ileet you know you about the types and species of flora and fauna found there.

For those who are looking for some adventures, the jungle tour should be on the priority list. There are many animals to be seen like sea turtles, reptiles, birds and many more. Parasailinghoverboardingflyboarding are only some of the adrenaline pumping activities you can do here at Cancun.

If you are looking for a shopping destination, Cancun has ample of that too. La Isla Shopping VillageKukulcan Plaza and Luxury Avenue are the places where you will find exquisite boutiques as well as shops dedicated to handicrafts of the locals and souvenirs.

And of course, you can have a long, calm walk down the beach or in the hotel zone, sunbathe or learn about the culture of the Mayans. In the  Maya Museum, located in km 16.5 of the hotel zone you can find a beautiful museum dedicated to their history and civilization.

You can learn about their beliefsritualssocietylanguagereligion and architecture in this museum. There is also an archeological site situated right outside the museum, called San Miguelito.
So now you know how to move around Cancun, and it is time to go out. Get to know the city, the culture and have a lot of fun!