How to see sea turtles in Akumal?

Akumal is one of the places in the Riviera Maya that enjoys great natural beauty and a lot of tranquility, if you are ready to start this adventure and meet thesea ​​turtles take notes so that you get the most out of it.

Seeing the sea turtles of Akumal is extremely easy, you just have to snorkel to see them in their natural habitat, if it is done by the hand of a guide it is much easier and knowing different species, whatever the way you get to know them should be done with responsibility.

Akumal Bay

The akumal bay It is full of “grasslands”, this place is practically where many sea turtles congregate since they like to feed as long as there is tranquility in this place, so you will surely see the first sea turtles tasting seaweed. It is convenient that your visit Do it with the help of a guide who will give you tips to be able to observe this species in the best way and take care of them from any danger.

Respect the sea turtles of Akumal

It is normal to some extent that sea turtles are stressed by the large number of visitors who come to this destination, so the guides ask that you stay at a considerable distance, at least 3 meters so that they feel respect for their ecosystem. If at some point the sea turtles come to the surface, observe them from afar, avoid stressing them by being surrounded by many tourists eager to meet them.

What do i need for snorkel and appreciate sea turtles?

To snorkel and appreciate all the sea turtles you only need; eager to live this beautiful experience, respect the rules of the place and what the guide tells you, have a life jacket, a snorkel equipment, the latter is provided by Aquaworld when you acquire the wonderful tour with them.

How can I preserve the environment during my visit?

If you are already submerged under the waters of Akumal, one of the most important rules is not to touch anything that is present, the reef, the coralsFish and turtles are really delicate species that require a lot of care, they will surely love your visit and watch you snorkel, but it is not possible to touch them, respecting them is essential on this particular trip.

It is also important that the day you visit the sea turtles in Akumal or any reef, you avoid the use of sunscreens and if you do confirm that they are biodegradable, sunscreens leave residues that remain in the water and considerably damage the reefs , fish and sea turtles. Take care of this beautiful ecosystem!

Without a doubt, an experience that you should do either as a family, as a couple or as it is easier for you. Aquaworld It has a snorkeling tour with turtles in Akumal.