How to spot a rip current before swimming?

Rip currents are ocean currents that flow away from the sea shore. These types of currents can take place at any beach and can be dangerous. Learn how to spot rip current before swimming!

The United States have recorded an annual amount of about 100 people dying in rip currents every year. Hence, it is always advised that individuals having fun at the beaches should be alert about the rip currents. They should know the difference between a normal wave and a rip current.

There are also a number of important guidelines that have been made for the swimmers by the authorities.

The swimmers are advised not to go deep into the water alone. They should always be there with a life guard on the beach. Children should not be left alone and should be accompanied always by at least one guardian. The research team is also nowadays running a number of campaigns to increase the awareness about rip currents among the people, especially the swimmers. Here are some useful tips regarding the rip current.

Though most of the time the beach is always fun and chill, it’s advised that you learn how to spot these currents and keep enjoying yourself after!

Identifying a rip current

Identifying a rip current is not that difficult if you are alert and if you take care of certain points. If you see a churning motion in water, it can be a rip current. If you notice an area in the sea with difference in water color, there could be a rip current. If you notice a line of foam somewhere or a line of debris and seaweeds, it can be a rip current. Again the most noticeable thing is the pattern.
Though if you are aware of these points and if you stay alert you can identify a rip current but it isn’t usually noticed by a normal beach goer. So, it is always advised for the normal beach goers that they get a life guard along with them if they are in the mood of surfing or swimming.

Surviving a rip current

As for the experts, if you are caught in a rip current, you can get out of it if you follow some special instructions. It has been noticed that maximum of the rip current victims drown due to fear and wrong steps taken. So, the very first that a person must do is to stay calm and relax.

Try to float in the water if you are getting panicked and can’t  swim. If you will try to struggle against the rip current, chances are high that you will be in more trouble than you already are!

If you are able to swim, try to swim parallel to the shore. Soon you will be out of the rip current and then you can swim towards the shore. If somehow you are not able to reach the shore, then face towards the shore and wave your arms and yell to draw attention towards you. If you see someone yelling out for help, you can throw some floatable items at the person and that should immediately contact the life guards.

All in all it’s just a matter of staying sharp and spotting these currents which in most cases are uniquely visible! Keep an eye open and learn to spot rip current trademarks we listed above and you might just save a life.

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