How was Luis and Raúl’s wedding at Aquaworld?

Did you hear the news that approved gay marriage across the United States the 26th of June? We were glad to hear it, especially because, if you remember,Aquaworld was a sponsor of the first gay wedding in Cancun about a month ago.

Raúl and Luis got married on our beautiful boat Cancun Queen while taking a walk through the lagoon in the company of their loved ones. Do you want to know what happened that day?

It was a beautiful morning in Cancun, with a little wind, perfect to calm the summer heat. The first thing was to meet with the guests of Luis and Raúl to address the private boat Everyone was very excited and there was joy in all the people present. Everything was perfect. The bride and groom were dressed in a cream-colored jacket and light blue pants, and they walked hand in hand to the altar, once there, they exchanged vows and smiles and after the big question that everyone expected to hear: Do you take as a husband to … …? They both nodded with a loud ‘Yes, I accept’ and the rings were placed.

With handkerchiefs in their hands, the guests wiped away their tears of happiness, just like the bride and groom and so later they began to enjoy the celebration that awaited them on the Cancun Queen ship. Family, friends and the happy couple enjoyed a beautiful sunset in the Nichupté Lagoon Aboard the Mississippi-style ship, it was a great way to end a day filled with dancing, singing, and eating around your very special guests.

And in case you are wondering what type of food was served for the celebration, the answer would be: canapes, shrimp, a fine cut of beef, salad and to finish, chocolate cake. The perfect combination to accompany this celebration in the Cancun lagoon. If you want to read the first part of this love story, follow this link.