International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and we take the opportunity to recognize the effort of all the women of Aquaworld, Mexico and the world.

March 8 is a date to talk about both the achievements that we have been able to accomplish and the problems that still need to be solved. Let’s talk about the achievements first:

The Women of Aquaworld

Behind the fun, there are many women who work every day to make Aquaworld the best aquatic activity center. Directors, vendors, accountants, tour guides and women in many other positions give their best every day and now is the time to say thank you.

Among other achievements we also have the first female sailor of Aquaworld. This position requires a lot of stamina, precision and a very nice attitude. There are many types of sailors in Aquaworld but the position of the first sailor is on the dive boat.

Currently there are very few sailors in Mexico and the world. But not only can you see an absence of women in these types of positions. The managerial positions held by women are only 5.2%.

Even more alarming figures are those of the wage gap. Women earn on average 16.5% less than men for the same job. For this figure to reach 0%, 70 years would have to pass if we continue to advance as lethargic as we have done so far.

Our Commitment to Women

We are committed to continuing to advance rapidly so that there are more sailors, more captains, more divers, more directors … More opportunities for women. For there to be gender equality!

This International Women’s Day we invite you to create a better world for women. There are many ways of doing it! They range from simple actions like thinking before speaking. Congratulating women on their day can be good … But promoting gender equality is a million times better.