Isla Mujeres: 3 Ideas for your vacations

For your holidays in Women Island We give you 3 ideas so you can enjoy this beautiful island to the fullest and have the best vacations of your life.

Very close to the Yucatan peninsula, in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea, we find Isla Mujeres, a place with a history and spectacular beaches, so here are some ideas for your vacation in this unparalleled paradise.

The underwater beauty of Isla Mujeres: snorkeling and diving

Among the main attractions of Isla Mujeres are its beautiful underwater landscapes, which are excellent for activities such as diving and snorkeling Due to the richness in biodiversity that there is, Isla Mujeres is a primary destination for those who like diving because it has crystal clear waters and a good temperature, hence it is an excellent environment to see the underwater animals that make up the fauna of this part of the Caribbean An interesting fact is that the beauty and diversity of the waters of Isla Mujeres attracted the French explorer Jacques costeau, who dedicated himself to the study of the sea and its ways of life.

Costeau was guided by a local diver to learn about the abundant marine life and reefs in the area. A great opportunity to learn about the variety of marine fauna that abounds in Isla Mujeres is when you take a diving tour. An activity that unlike snorkeling It is about diving into the depths of the water so you can see the fish and marine plants in greater detail.
The best thing about a diving tour is that you have an expert guide, who will give you the necessary instructions so that you have a formidable experience with the fauna and flora of the Mexican Caribbean. At Aquaworld we have certified guides that will show you the beauties of the Caribbean in the diving tour We will provide you with the necessary equipment for you to enjoy this great experience. You can go to our guides in case you need assistance underwater.
isla mujeres 3 ideas para tus vacaciones

Snorkel in Isla Mujeres, an experience like no other

Snorkeling is a simple water activity to practice and ideal for the whole family. You don’t need to be an expert to snorkel and the best thing is that if you take this tour we will provide you with the necessary equipment. all inclusive snorkeling tour in Islas Mujeres that offers Aquaworld. You will have snorkeling, food and fun. Once we are in Isla Mujeres you will be able to swim among a variety of fish and admire the starfish that rest on the sand. In addition to this the sea turtles will also come to greet you. You can relax at the Isla Mujeres Beach Club and even lie on a lounge chair with a refreshing drink. When the snorkeling tour is over we will serve you food and then you can take your time to recover the breath after an exciting experience. In the end we take you to town.

Diving in Isla Mujeres

If what you want is to dive in Isla Mujeres you can visit the sculptures that are in the vicinity of the Manchones Reef, to the south. Advanced divers will probably want

And there is still more…

Also at Aquaworld we have the option of taking the excursion to Isla Mujeres in one day so that you will have more time to get to know the area at your own pace.
Visit us! We have several water tours and other activities to make your vacation an unforgettable season.