Isla Mujeres receives the first rays of sun

Isla Mujeres is the first place of everything Mexico that receives the first rays of the sun, let’s say that is where Mexico wakes up.

However Women Island The title of the first place where the sun hits the Island of Cozumel is disputed, this because both islands have a space on the east side that makes it possible for either of the two islands to have this particularity. To date there are no official sources that give the title to either of the two.

Isla Mujeres a wonderful destination

This beautiful island is a tourist destination surrounded by those beautiful crystalline waters that characterize the Mexican Caribbean Isla Mujeres is only eight kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide in geographical extension.

The island is populated by 17 thousand inhabitants and a growing floating population that have made the island a bit bustling unlike a few years ago, but it never becomes as crowded as Cancun o Playa del Carmen, the crossing to Isla Mujeres is from Cancun and it is only a 25 minute investment of time.

A little history of Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres was the third place discovered by the Spanish in the southern area, the first was Cozumel, followed by Akumal, and finally Isla Mujeres, the island was conquered by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba.

“Women” It was the first name of the Island thanks to the fact that the Spanish conquerors on their arrival found a large number of Mayan sculptures in the shape of a woman.

A small but fun island

Women Island It is one of the Caribbean tourist destinations most visited by thousands of tourists who love to carry out various activities as a family, as a couple or as a backpacker, either for rest or to enjoy water activities and the island.

The activities that can be carried out on the island range from snorkel in the most beautiful reefs belonging to the largest reef in the world.

Isla Mujeres is considered a Magic Town thanks to the ‘magic’ that is in every corner, on this island you can walk through the Mayan archaeological sites, swimming with dolphins, enjoy the beautiful and picturesque scenery that is practically a delight to the eyes.

Host turtles

Located south of Isla Mujeres you will find a beautiful turtle farm better known as “tortugranja”, this is a project that the government of Quintana Roo has financed to protect thousands of giant tortoises that come to the fine sand of Isla Mujeres to spawn In this farm there are hundreds of sea turtles that receive the love of many happy volunteers and thousands of visitors, if you visit the island you will have excellent hosts in the turtle farm.


Unbelievably the Cancun Underwater Museum It is visible from the coasts of Isla Mujeres thanks to the crystal clear waters in the Caribbean Sea, so do not hesitate to snorkel and live a fun and extraordinary experience, Aquaworld It is the best option for you to take advantage of these scenarios and enjoy your stay in every way within Isla Mujeres.