Jungle Tour — The Best Expedition Around Cancun Mangroves

The Jungle Tour remains the optimal option to explore the wonders of the Cancun mangroves and everything they have to offer.

Mangroves are ‘shrub and tree species that live along shores, rivers, and estuaries in the tropics and subtropics.’

Moreover, the Cancun mangroves reward Jungle Tour takers with an immense amount of Caribbean biodiversity.

‘You go really deep into nature, you can see different types of birds,’ said Yair Garcia, Jungle Tour manager at AquaWorld.

‘It’s an activity where the main attraction is to drive your own boat,’ he added about the tour.

Jungle Tour

The most popular boat on the Jungle Tour is the ‘Side by Side,’ which has two seats for exploring the Cancun mangroves in great company.


First, the adventure begins at the AquaWorld marina, continuing through the Nichupte Lagoon until arriving at the Punta Nizuc reef.

There, the guides give brief instructions on how to use snorkel equipment —mask and fins. This info is especially useful for first timers.

In the snorkeling section of the tour, you’ll see Caribbean fish such as the queen angelfish, the parrotfish, the sole, and small barracudas, Garcia said.
The snorkel part lasts about 35 minutes, and then the tour takers get a chance to have some refreshments.

Finally, they receive instructions on how to return to the marina.

Jungle-tour-cancun-mangroves-Nichupte-Lagoon  The mangroves in Cancun contain a great amount of biodiversity.


Garcia said the name ‘Jungle Tour’ sounds like there’s a wild jungle surrounding the mangroves in Cancun.
However, the modern reality shows something different.
‘It’s a name that dates back to about 40 years, they named it so because there used to be less human incursion into those areas back then,’ Garcia clarified. ‘There were more animals, more vegetation, more movement.’
Even so, the Jungle Tour continues to display a huge amount of wildlife that is only found in Cancun.
‘As time has passed, it already looks more like a mangrove — trees everywhere, some species of birds,’ Garcia added.
Today, the Jungle Tour is one of the most anticipated activities and provides thorough enjoyment for explorers visiting the Cancun mangroves.
Hopefully, we’ll see you here to prove that the Jungle Tour is, indeed, a jungle of adventure, education and fun.
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