Jungle Tour in Cancun, an amazing ride

The Jungle tour, snorkeling and diving are the main activities preferred by national and international tourism at the time of visit Cancun.

These three activities stand out from an endless number of options that there are in the paradisiacal beaches of the Mexican Caribbean According to data released by the Cancun Nautical Association (ANC), 60% of tourists who come to these coasts choose to practice at least one of the three activities.

Marine wealth that gives value to the Jungle Tour

Jungle tour is one of the most famous and practiced tours in Cancun due to the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of the species that live there, unlike most tours, this experience is done out of the water.

The fun of this activity is its passage through the mangroves of the Nichupté Lagoon, navigating a boat where the tourist takes control, the tour dazzles more than one by the diversity of species found in this Lagoon.

Nichupté Lagoon, home to thousands of species

This lagoon welcomes millions of tourists a year who visit it through the Jungle Tour, offering them a quite cozy spectacle of various species: fish, crocodiles, leopard frogs, iguanas and turtles white, as well as a great variety of birds, as well as extensive dense hectares of red, white and button mangroves.

The mangroves of this beautiful lagoon give protection to the species that live there, helping their proliferation, this is achieved by avoiding the entry of predators thanks to the structure of the mangroves.

In addition, being at the mouths of rivers, mangroves are a relevant ecosystem since they protect corals from excess soil and sediments that the sea carries.

The mangroves also act as filters since they eliminate pollutants protecting the corals near the area and also provide clean water that is carried to the subsoil thanks to the currents of the sea.

Mangroves protected by CONANP

This wonder of nature is also a protected area by the Commission National Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), this was decreed in 2009 to ensure the life of endemic species in the area, ensuring a habitat protecting various species.

Enjoy this spectacle of nature practicing the Jungle tour from Aquaworld Accompanied by your favorite person, you will be able to know the Nichupté lagoon, the amazingness of its mangroves and all the species that live there.

If you want to be the captain of a boat for four people, you can choose the ‘Lancha Limo’, in this boat you can safely enjoy the Jungle Tour and the mangroves of the Nichupté Lagoon with your family.

If you visit Cancun, it is an activity that you have to do!

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