Know the 7 steps to diving safely

We know that diving is considered a sport and that it is always better to share that experience with your family and friends, but it is also advisable to take into account certain steps to dive safely and enjoy that ride underwater much more.

A diver requires theoretical tests, practical and medical, but mainly it requires the learning of technology that is largely aimed at safety and reliability. Diving requires medical insurance to cover the expenses derived from possible accidents. But precisely to avoid any accident we present the 7 steps to dive for sure that should end up becoming a routine.

Always dive in company

The diving is a team sport, and one of the maximum rules of this activity is that you never dive without a partner. As easy as a dive may seem, always do this activity in company.

This will allow you to receive a thorough review of your equipment (while you do the same with his), receive help if you have an unexpected problem and also enjoy the ride in company.

Plan your dive to dive safely

The diving practicerequires prior planning and diving accordingly. This is applicable if the dive is difficult or if you are visiting the site for the first time. Planning is never enough and it will allow you to dive safely and with peace of mind.

Check your equipment carefully

It is always important to have complete equipment when diving. It is recommended to check the operation of the equipment at least a week in advance and then to check it again minutes before sailing.Also to dive safely it is vital to carry a diving knife with you in case you come across a net (or get tangled up in it). algae) and a flashlight in case the waters start to turn dark.

Know the signs

The use of underwater signalsit’s of vital importance. Where oral communication is impossible, sign communication can allow us to dive safely in case of encountering a problem or communicate to a partner about something that may happen or anticipate a maneuver that must be performed. It is essential that you know the signals to be able to communicate fluently in the water.

Stay in shape

Without needing to be a super athlete, it is convenient to be in good physical shape for diving. Because being in good shape will allow you to better enjoy the activity, as it will prevent you from getting fatigued too quickly.Remember that you must also take care of your diet in the moments before a dive, as well as hydrate a lot after a diving session .

Make sure you are visible

In addition to a flashlight, to have a visibility of the areain which you will be diving, it is advisable to make yourself visible to dive safely. The use of fluorescent or brightly colored elements will allow you to be more visible in those situations of low visibility that you can go through and in the same way be visible to your partner.

Avoid feeling pressured

This is the last step to diving safely and it is essential. Do not pressure yourself to perform too many actions underwater, it is always better to be relaxed and enjoy the ride in the company of your friends and loved ones.

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