Learning to dive in Cancun, choose the best dive center

If you are planning to learn to dive in Cancun it is important to make sure you choose the best dive center. There are plenty dive shops in Cancun so here is a guide to find the best.

Combine the beauty of the local reefs with learning to scuba in Cancun!

When completing your Open Water Certification abroad you need to make sure you find a genuine, certified dive shop that always operates a safety first policy. If a dive shop bends the rules and allows juniors on an advanced dive for example, this is a sign that sales are taking priority over safety.

5 Tips on how to select a dive center in Cancun

Are initial questions answered?

It is important to get to know your dive shop first. Drop them an e-mail or visit their website. Is it engaging, do they reply to your e-mails and answer questions? Customer service provides an insight to the quality of care you will receive whilst training.

Are the instructors qualified?

Maybe an obvious question but very important. When choosing the agency you would like to certify with you then need to make sure your Cancun dive center is registered with that agency. Make sure the instructor has his certification up to date.

Are the dive boats properly equipped?

Care and maintenance of dive boats and gear is paramount for good service. Ask to see photos of the dive boats, request air check certificates and cleanliness of equipment. If the dive center training you for your open water certification in Cancun cares about quality, they will care about you.

Check safety facilities

Is the dive shop located near a hyperbaric chamber, does the boat have a radio and emergency first aid supplies, are the instructors certified in first aid, how many divers per group? These are important questions when choosing your Cancun vacation dive school.


It’s tempting to go with the cheapest but that’s not always the best move. Consider all options and sometimes in order to provide great service, good quality gear and facilities, the price may be a little higher. Not always, but consider your choices carefully. Scuba diving in Cancun is safe but only when carried out in a controlled environment.

Which dive school in Cancun ticks all the boxes?

Aquaworld Cancun has been providing dive courses to Cancun’s visitors for over 20 years.

Great customer service is guaranteed, we offer a same day reply e-mail service so your questions will be answered. All instructors are certified with PADI or SDI dive agencies. Dive gear is maintained and tested in house and our boats are the best equipped and fastest in the area. All instructors are fully certified with First Aid certs and understand the need to act quickly in an emergency situation. Our prices are competitive and reflect the great service we guarantee! So what are you waiting for, sign up to learn to dive in Cancun now!