Learning to dive in Cancun is easy and fun

Learning to dive in Cancun is easy and fun and it’s an activity everybody should do during their vacations in the Mexican Caribbean.

Scuba diving for beginners in Cancun

If you would like to try diving for the first time but are not quite ready to take the plunge with the full Open Water Certification, the Discover Scuba course is a great way to start and feel this amazing experience.

Complete a two hour class and jump to the pool with our expert instructors

At Aquaworld Cozumel dive center you will be introduced to our bilingual instructors who are all fully PADI or in Aquaworld Cancun SDI qualified. It is important to complete a health questionnaire prior to your Discover Scuba course in order to highlight any conditions or restrictions that may prohibit diving.
Next you will watch a video showing the important points and safety procedures of scuba diving.

It is important to cover the basic hand signals and breathing techniques before diving

During the video you will learn the common hand signals used to communicate underwater. Hand signals are also used to point out marine life of interest such as crabs and turtles.
The key to a successful dive is breathing techniques; you will be taught how to maintain buoyancy through breathing and equalization of the air canals when descending and ascending.

Aquaworld has a specially designed dive pool to practice in prior to your Cancun dive

Your instructor will help you adorn your equipment and then it’s time to jump to the pool. You will practise the hand signals and get used to the dive gear until you feel confident and at ease.
Take your time and go at your own pace. Once you become accustomed to the equipment you will see that the only thing you have to remember is to breathe!
Diving clases in the pool with Aquaworld

You’re ready for the open water!

With Aquaworld you can choose between diving on the Cancun Underwater Museum or a reef dive

The Underwater Museum in Cancun is now famous for the more than 490 life sized statues. Located between the Cancun hotel zone and island of Isla Mujeres, you will see the Silent Evolution and other single underwater statues.

Alternatively one of the popular shallow reef sites of Cancun is Manchones reef area. Beautiful coral reef formations with a huge array of fish and sea life.
Diving in Cancun, do it right, do it with Aquaworld.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!