Live the Adventure of Driving your own Underwater Scooter

The BOB tour allows you to breathe underwater, isn’t it marvelous? And you do so in the most comfortable and cool way – while driving an underwater scooter!

In a way, the Breathing Observation Bubble is like a combination of the subsee explorer, the discover scuba and the waverunners. It just gives you more freedom than the subsee. It doesn’t need the training and equipment-carrying of the scuba diving. And it has the comfortableness of the waverunners. And the tour includes snorkel too, so it basically is like taking 4 tours in one!

What is the BOB?

BOB stands for Breathing Observation Bubble; it is also known as BOSS by many people. This bubble is a transparent helmet attached to an underwater scooter. With the scooter you can move around and with the helmet your head, neck and shoulders stay out ouf the water all the time. This bubble-like helmet allows you to breathe normally and to look out in all directions- even behind you!

How does the Underwater Scooter work?

The underwater vehicles are propelled by small motors. They have a set of handlebars for turning similar to the ones on a motorcycle. And they’re attached to a buoy overhead which controls the depth of the scooters and keeps them close. The whole underwater experience lasts around half an hour and during the entire time a tank will provide you oxygen.

After the driving and exploring time is over, another adventure begins. You get to snorkel around the Chitales area and enjoy the warm and clear waters of the Caribbean Sea while spotting all kinds of sea creatures.

Marine Life

The marine life is vast in the surroundings of Cancun. In this adventure you’ll get amazed with the variety of colors and textures of the residents of the area. Such as starfish, and sea urchins, corals like staghorn, elkhorn and brain, colorful fish like grey and yellowtail snappers, barracudas, and porkfish. And with the help of our experienced guides and a little bit of luck, you could spot sea turtles and manta rays too!

This unique activity and many more adventures await on Aquaworld. Do them all in one day with our AquaFUNtastic Day Pass!