Live the best snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean

If you are an expert swimmer or you are one of those who loves to be in the water, then snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean It is an activity that will fill you with happiness.

The Riviera Maya is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world and it is possible to explore it thanks to snorkeling in the Caribbean.

To have fun while you get to know the beautiful reefs of the Caribbean, you only need to hire a tour that takes you to the right places so you can see the home of 400 species of fish, 100 types of coral and unimaginable designs of nature that are difficult to appreciate in any other side.
Aquaworld It has a vast list of tours so you can practice diving or snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean.

Book a snorkeling tour in the Mexican Caribbean

Some of the best places to practice snorkeling in the Caribbean are reached by small boat, this happens since the Mesoamerican reef is located one and a half kilometers from the coast. For this reason it is necessary to make this trip with an experienced guide, since they know the routes where hundreds of species and corals can be appreciated in all their splendor as well as the best scenarios with turquoise waters and fine sands almost like talc. It is a very beautiful place but it has its own agenda and it is necessary that you view it with great respect. Most of the waves in the Riviera Maya are calm, clear and fresh; But if you are not an excellent swimmer, consider all the possibilities before snorkeling in the Caribbean on your own.

It is not advisable to venture on your own to snorkel in the Caribbean, but if you decide to do it, always keep the following tips in mind:

  • Try to always go snorkeling accompanied.
  • Always wear a life jacket!
  • Always go snorkeling in the Caribbean with a partner. Never alone!
  • Check that your equipment is in good condition and that it fits perfectly on your face
  • Take care of your equipment while snorkeling
  • Take a surface buoy, so you can see yourself in the distance
  • Look for little saturated places, but NEVER totally alone
  • Do not demand more of yourself than you can give, enjoy responsibly

The Riviera Maya is a great place to learn to snorkel and the best place to experience the underwater world, since its scenarios are truly unmatched.The beauty of the reefs is possible thanks to the respect that people have when practicing snorkeling in the Caribbean If you will be facing this scenario soon, help us protect the reefs.

For nothing in the world touch the reefs, step on or remove them from their place, respect all marine life!